Abbath - Self Titled (Season of Mist)

If you’re struggling with the Immortal break up, you can move on here....
Release Date: 
22 Jan 2016 (All day)

It doesn’t take much for former Immortal front man Abbath to lead from the pulpit. With this long player he has emerged from his dark trench and drawn his loyal parishioners’ back to the fold. New lambs are coaxed to the slaughter as he preaches of past blackened days and those yet to come.

The legendary Norwegian corpse painted native has been joined by long term friend and musical confederate Tom Visnes on Bass, more commonly known as King from Ov Hell, I, God Seed and Gorgoroth together with drummer, Creature, who it is assumed to be Kevin Foley of French death metal band Benighted. Rich influential experience that melds the record.....

Parts of this album were meant to become Immortals next record although the record seems to move on from Abbath and King’s dabblings in I and the now hard to get hold of LP‘Between Two Worlds’.

The LP Abbath is a demonstration in power and brutality of old school Black and Death Metal roots; punk and traditional metal leanings. It hints at Immortal’s past and nods to Kilminster, a flecked smidgen of Cathedral and agreeably Sweden’s Bathory as well as genre contemporaries such as Enslaved and Behemoth 

To War! Opens Abbath’s visceral assault on the ears. A relentless mix of blast beats and simple riffing. Tight and accomplished as the band are, the opener could be swapped for the second catchier track Winterbane, a natural head banger that hooks.

The gargling Ashes of the Damned is littered with the outstanding rhythm section and solid metal riffing. There is the slightest of let ups during the powerful and marching Ocean of Wounds. The elementals of rain and thunder induce the vile plagued death calls to Count the Dead.

The trio blend breakneck tempos that thrash in the fierce Fenir Hunts and Endless, two songs that are separated by the steady but firm metallic Root of the Mountain.

The closing bonus track Nebular Ravens Winter wants to leave you consumed and weary. Compositions evolve but keep consistent with the genres power and brutality.

The guitar work is strong with experience, riffs tear and slice, King doesn’t disappoint in his contributions, bass duties are solid and Creature on the skins gives fever to the air drummer in everyone. If you’re struggling with the break up, you can move on here.