Blood Red Throne - Union of Flesh and Machine (Candlelight Records)

Just submit...
Release Date: 
15 Jul 2016 (All day)

Blood Red Throne has found an unconquerable formula to their rendering of modern death metal. Completely unrivaled and leaving many others of the genre faint, feeble and vulnerable to band’s invincibility. But hey, that’s just me…..

The Norwegian component; manufactured by sheer savagery has been championing their blend of premeditated aggression and methodical onslaught to followers of death metal since the late 90’s. Lead by Daniel ‘Død’ Olaisen; whose guitar work is unsurpassed and peppered with groove - a sense of righteousness should inshew with this release. Although why the band continue to undercut their capacity within this genre by labeling the material as simply ‘straight up death metal’ still has me baffled – for what Blood Red Throne are in reality cultivating within the genre is astounding. I believe that their eighth studio album, Union of Flesh and Machine deserves more status and undeniably merits a dissection as to accurately comprehend and more importantly, award the intricacies involved in this cut stone…

Their blue print was simple… their aim was straight; achieve the highest caliber death metal produced today. They are succeeding with this undertaking. Hands down. Intensity? Intensity! The quantity of carnage infused in this album is going to leave your muscles sore, it’s going to compress your rib cage and expose you’re underbelly - you may just piss your pants as a result of the hostility and confrontation blasted by Yngve ‘Bolt’ Christiansen back on vocals. It is unrelenting with multifaceted tones and riffs that are the equivalent of being violently thrown down a mountain side. Each track off this album is encrusted with each member’s signature flair. From the flawless guitar work and intimidating vocals to the fucking monstrous bass drop on “Primal Recoil”, Union of Flesh and Machine is punching with violent personality. She’s a beast.... and the only option now is – to submit.

Blood Red Throne: brutality is their pledge and the Union of flesh and Machine is the hammer they drive it down with.