Darkc3ll - Rewired: Verses of Destruction and Other Atrocities in the Mind of a Freakenstein (RTD Records)

Release Date: 
29 Jan 2016 - 12:30am

Brisbane's goth shock rock industrial spookster quartet Darkc3ll have always enjoyed a touch of electronica when composing but Rewired takes their love of the bleeps and bloops to a whole new level. I must admit that I'm quite enjoying the electro-twist supplied by such luminaries as Skinny Disco (Deathstars), Angelspit and Sleepless Droids.

If you dig the work of Rob Zombie or Combichrist then you should have no problem getting into this - I was particularly impressed with the Angelspit remix of Six Hundred & Six Six, which retains enough grunt of the original while flinging plenty of electro bass and whoop whoop whoop into the mix to get you shaking your booty on the dance floor with Molly. Or something. What I especially enjoyed was the fact that some of these remixes take the tunes so far away from their original format that they're almost like completely new songs; perhaps this is the point behind the album? Which ever way you look at it, this is a pretty sweet electro-industrial mash-up - and (the Gods be praised) it doesn't slip too far into dub-step territory either. Not that this would be a bad thing, I'm just a little weary of so much of the dribbly farty mess that gets pimped as 'revolutionary dub-step' at the moment. FTW steers a bit too close to these shores for my liking but that's OK - you can't have everything, can you? Or can you?

One last thing; Hollywood Scars (Needlz Mix) has such a delightful wub-wub to it that you'll definitely be forced into becoming some gurning monster goblin beside the bass bins. You have been warned. Nurse! I need some disco-biscuits to go with my cup of tea...