Superheist - Ghosts of the Social Dead (Dinner For Wolves)

Nu metal, poo metal...
Release Date: 
28 Oct 2016 - 12:30am

Disclaimer: I'm not a big fan of nu metal.

If you like nu metal then you'll love Superheist's latest offering. It captures the nu metal vibe and sound to perfection. Opener Wolves in Your Headspace is all chunky guitar and vocals delivered in a rap-like fashion. There's plinky plonky piano on Back to Base; are you angst-ridden? Is this album angst-ridden enough for you? My issue with a lot of nu metal is that it just strikes me as being geared towards the juvenile end of the market - and I'm a curmudgeonly old man shaking my fist at the children in my orchard. Or something. I've got nothing against the fatter sections of the tunes but practically every song on here inevitably switches into some whiny ass maudlin bit that leaves me cold. This isn't musical snobbery, it's just that I'm not a young adult, struggling in an unkind world. I'm an old fuck struggling in an unkind world and my angst requires a different kind of soundtrack.

But props to Superheist; they've made an album. They've done something, and they've created a collection of tunes that will definitely be embraced and loved by a particular section of society. This is no mean feat - and given the 'accessiblity' of the album, I wouldn't be surprised to see any number of tracks from Ghosts of the Social Dead crack the charts - most of this stuff is way better than the fecal matter that passes for 'popular music' (*shudder*). You take a tune like Running Away; it's got a Rage Against the Machine beefiness to it, and could easily be embraced as 'alternative' by the hoardes of young folk with their remaining disposable income that hasn't been spent on smashed advocado. It's got that piano that indicates the band's sensitivity. There are swears in it AND it teaches you basic, albeit incorrect, mathematics. Everyone's a winner, baby. I like the groove of Flick the Switch while This Truth is reminiscent of Poison at their cheesy ballad worst. Overall there's a lot of fat riff which is tempered by the slower, gentler stuff, and this is nu metal done impeccably. Coupled with the fact that these boys call Melbs their hometown, this album should do really fucking well. I'm just not a big nu metal fan - I did mention that, yes?