Vader - Iron Times (Nuclear Blast Records)

Short, sweet thrashy death...
Release Date: 
11 Aug 2016 - 11:30pm

Blimey! This flies by in the blink of an eye. Vader's Iron Times (which is being touted as a ten inch single release) is a stop gap till their new album is released in November. But it's not some fluffy piece of filler by any means. Parebellum kicks things off with a distinctly Motorhead-esque drum pattern. It's just good solid metal - and that's why I love Vader - they know how to get you bopping along with their chunky riffage. Admittedly I found this EP/single/what-not to be more of a thrashy-death combo than out and out death metal but it's charming nonetheless, with it's old skool Slayer/eighties metal vibe, I felt most at home.

Prayer To The God Of War reiterates the band's chugging goodness but Piesc I Stal steals the show for me; the opening riff is just so fine - and the soloing is something to widdle along to. It's not overly technical but hits the spot. The micro-pauses are a sweet addition to the song too. The drumming on every track on here is a thing of beauty with some glorious fills and jaunts around the kit - and the final track, a cover of Motorhead's Overkill highlights that marvellous skin-work even further. Quick - stick it on again, it's finished already. Can't wait for the album.