Apate - Spit You Out EP (Imminence Records)

You will either choke on it or spit it out
Release Date: 
25 Aug 2017 (All day)

Looking for something new? Australian? Well like it or not Apate may just be a band that you will be hearing a lot of very soon if you haven't already.

Brisbane five piece Nu-Metal core band that formed in 2013 is certainly turning heads with their explosive set and there very quickly expanding fan base. They signed to Immience Records in 2015 and are certainly not looking back.

Their new EP 'Spit it out' is seven tracks of split vocals and breakdowns, heavily influenced by Deftones and the “Djent” qualities of Meshuggah.

First track off the EP is an instrumental that gradually incorporates guitar riffs and ghostly voices throughout. It gives nothing away from what the rest of the tracks would sound like, but can be an teaser of the theme of the EP with the many voices in your head directing your decisions.

Each song explores the uphill battle that we all encounter in parts of our lives at one point or another. This band has endured some hard times because these lyrics do not come from someone that has not endured their own personal hell at some stage. It somewhat comforts the listener into there is always a way out and someone that can help you.

Cant wait for the release? There is one song 'Spit you out' is already on you tube with an music clip which had had just under 4k worth of views.

This band has already played with the likes of Parkway Drive and In Hearts Wake, I am interested to see if this EP has what it takes to sky rocket this band into the big time.

The Spit You Out EP to be released August 25th with pre orders on the bands 'band camp 'site...