Batushka - Litourgiya (Metal Blade Records *re-release)

Release Date: 
3 Nov 2017 (All day)

Litourgiya has been re-released by Metal Blade Records this month. Originally released in 2015 by Witching Hour Productions the album as expected has not lost its impact. The Polish enigma, also known as Batushka wage retribution with the re-release of Litourgiya as the original press was limited to 500 copies. Metal Blade have now rebirthed this marvelous piece of black metal to a wider audience....

The identities of the members of this outfit are still unknown. Even more mysterious (and undeniably alluring) is the slavic language used for the material of Batushka - the English translations for the track titles throughout Litourgiya are Litany I: Cleansing, Litany II: Blessing, Litany III: Wisdom, Litany IV: Grace, Litany V: Holy Entrance, Litany VI: Hope, Litany VII: Truth and Litany VIII: Salvation.

Batushka cultivate the nihilistic core of deathly dark gospel and as Poland is an extremely religious country - the so called controversy of this band stabs deep within the culture of these eastern lands... From the opening track Cleansing you are summoned by an un-orthodox sermon complete with monk like chants, in fact known as 'Old Church Slavonic', a centuries old language and only known to deeply religious slavs. The unique vocal tones used within the music of Batushka evoke an exemplary dark ethereal environment; enough to feed this beast; and as the album continues to build with haste into a black metal mass of epic proportion it flourishes with formidable force. The musicianship is fresh, obviously brilliant and enchanting.

Варфоломей’s - vocals are incredible, ranging from gospel choir precision to powerful black metal howls. Христофор’s duties on guitar, bass and vocals are soaring; pile driving tremolo melodies to soothing calm rhythms of sheer class. Мартин’s drumming is of high standard - weaving this tapestry together with rhythms of dark bohemian magic whilst flawlessly harnessing the guitars, creating precision blasts and rhythmic tempos.  

It is clear to see that the essence behind Batushka is their vocal style, these layered and extremely textured patterns of ancient slavic chants which when combined with the elements of black metal create a furious elixir that is difficult to resist.