Claret Ash- The Great Adjudication: Fragment One

Relentless.... Imperiously relentless
Release Date: 
1 Nov 2017 - 1:29pm

Claret Ash from the Australian Capital Territory return with their 3rd unholy Black Metal album since 2013. This epic album The Great Adjudication has been circulating for a month now. The first of two Eps the first of which 'Fragment One', Fragment Two is set for release on the 1st of March 2018.

Fragment One: kicks off with the frenzied track Essence of Fire which full pelts the listening with ghoulish shrieks, pummeling drums, staunch riffs right from the get go all of which are relentless and don't ease up until the 2.50min mark which sets an Enslaved like feel of evil extremity following into the next track. Devolution is a powerful track that gives the listener a feel of darkness, yet subtle tones of hope with the addition of clean vocals as backing vocals in parts, definitely hear an Immortal like vibe from this track.

The Noose is an ever present aggressive track that fans of extreme music will play on repeat. Plague Bearer the main single of the EP shows the bands focus on the more raw aspects of Black Metal portraying the theme that human’s exploitation of the environment is like a plague on nature itself, that aside you’ll be head- banging straight through to the final track The Gyre. The Gyre brings a close to Fragment One with creepy overtones of slow brooding deconstructed guitar work, chugging bass lines and insane drumming...

Overall this first installment of The Great Adjudication will have you pumped for the second EP being released in March 2018. Josh, James, Nick and Stu have truly out done themselves and released a great and solid black metal album.