Embrace the Dawn - The Effigist

The album focuses on Embrace the Dawn’s trademark progressive style....
Release Date: 
3 Nov 2017 (All day)

Two years after their first Promo EP, progressive metal band Embrace the Dawn have returned with their first full length album “The Effigist”. Joined by the bands founder, Aussie Ben Tinker on guitar, Embrace the Dawn have recruited a very diverse selection of members Denis Landry (Canada) bass, Kevin Talley (USA) drums, and Roger Isaksen (Norway) on vocals.

The album puts a lot of focus on Embrace the Dawn’s trademark progressive style. The Effigist has plenty of technical, thrash, and symphonic metal components.

Cold Black Hole starts with the expected, yet always welcome clean guitar riffs, then as the song develops, all elements are unified creating a thriving mass of brutal destruction! *woah* vocally, the piece manifests into a syncopated slam fest. I do love a relentless thrashing album - one that has you both on the edge of your seat and the edge of brain damage. 

The Effigist is complete with blazing double bass, brutal vocals, and melodically shredding guitar parts which drive home the vexation and exasperation spat from this EP. If you love the combined elements of progressive, technical, let's throw in some death, a splash of symphonic, or Black Metal you will find something in this EP that will hold your attention. The Effigist is a sensory adaptation that is true to its word; damage and destruction will ensue and their outcry will be heard the world over...