GWAR- Blood of Gods (Metal Blade Records)

This Album should ease the minds of all fans that this album was either the rebirth or death of GWAR
Release Date: 
20 Oct 2017 (All day)

Few bands have the presence like the one created by GWAR. The characters, the themes, and the music all have something that doesnt come from most bands, the only time I will hear GWAR is when at a party and someone will put a song or two on to have a laugh at what they have created, never to have been taken seriously. They’re one of those unforgettable live bands that can get away with spraying the crowd with god knows what and the crowd cheers for more. Their sound is as much fun as their look, weird, obscene and downright dirty. At the end of the day this has worked for them and with all this in mind its sometimes hard to see that they are talented musicians and songwriters, possibly overshadowed by the outfits and stage show precence.

The Blood of Gods, GWAR’s fourteenth studio album, is also the band’s first since the death of much-loved  vocalist Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie in 2014. It is hard to imagine GWAR without the creative frontman leading the way, no need to worry though as this album is as good as anything else heard from GWAR and Brockie will be proud.

War on GWAR, a slow building tune that picks up into a groove that gets the listener pumped and intreguied for more, very classic GWAR riffs and vocals which should ease the minds of all fans that this album was either the rebirth or death of GWAR. MAN WILL FALL

KILL THEM ALL,WHET YOUR KNIVES,TAKE THEIR LIVES the album is off to a serious start of war and death.

El Presidente is another example of GWAR getting it right, with more catchy and classic GWAR riffs, what I love the most is the fact that they are keeping Lord Oderous spirit alive with keeping on with one of their well used unique sounds of having multiple different voices which adds to the depth to their sound.. Less serious than War on GWAR I wanna kill the president and I don't need a gun

I wanna fuck the government, I want to fuck a nun GWAR are back to their light hearted lyrics and sense of humour.

Its hard for bands to recover from the loss of a member, some not able to at all. We should all listen to this album and appreciate the hard work and strength it has taken them to make a come back with a great album.