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Evile bring their Cult to Reading.
Fozzy rocks Reading.
Soil's pre-Download Festival warm-up show with Evile and Breed 77.


It’s a death metal album, for folks’ sake.
What do you get if you combine three Germans, an American and an Englishman? Worry not, there is no racist punchline. The answer: Pink Cream 69.
Finnish hard glam rock that misses the target.


He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy. Actually, Dave Silver could be both.
Following the success of this year's album Abzu, 'occult metallers' Absu are heading to Australia.
Taiwanese bass bombshell Doris Yeh of Chthonic explains the story behind her band’s sixth album, Takasago Army, and confronting their U.S. Tour demons - “We fired our ex-manager afterwards because he’s hiding some kind of secret.”