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Daniel Rodrigo Vieira, also known as Daniel Death, vocalist of Brazilian band Death n Roll.
favorite styles: all things metal! But mainly Death/Black metal assault. If you can blend it all with rock n roll and a good shot of whiskey, then you can be my friend. Let's rock until we drop. The metallic nuclear crusade is about to begin!


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One of the seminal bands of so called “Scandinavian Black Metal” is finally back with a new, astonishing release. More accurate, heavier and mind-boggling than ever, are Setherial ready to take this place of honour in the pantheon of the Nordic gods of black metal?
Norwegian black metal pioneers are back! Or should I say Black/Punk pioneers? Maybe Blue Collar Metal pioneers? The fact is that Darkthrone are once again delivering the finest metal that only a band with more than 20 years of existence could offer!
After a hiatus of five years, the masters of Germanic Extreme Black Metal are back. And this time they have brought a colossal and unrelenting weaponry of mass destruction with them.


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