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Yo! I'm from the Philippines. Ask me stuff about my country and I'll be glad to answer...with sh*t I got from Wikipedia. Ayt.

Seriously, I'm a rabid metalhead. One time during a concert, I brought a cardboard guitar so I could 'play' it along to the music.


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This is the kind of album you’ll keep coming back to. It is immense.
Doesn’t exactly live up to the hype, but it’s still a magnificent offering from the Godly quartet.
Just after they wrapped up a successful Australian tour in April to promote their brand new Blackheart Revolution album, the Genitorturer's super hot scantily clad singer (when onstage), and mistress in chief Gen, was happy enough to hook up with Metal As Fuck for a debriefing. And no, that wasn’t an underwear pun.


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