70000tons of Metal 2013

“That’s the reason why we are here. Music made it.” - Dani Löble of Helloween

With their fourteenth studio album released in late January, Helloween remain one of the founding forces behind power metal almost thirty years into their career. Drummer since 2005, Dani Löble sat down with us in the abandoned business centre on board 70000tons of Metal to give an insight into their impact on the genre.

The nature of 70000tons of Metal means that you never know when you’ll run into a

Wind and rain on 70000 tons of Metal - Metal Church's Ronny Munroe and Jeff Plate

Ronny Munroe and Jeff Plate of Metal Church give Metal as Fuck an insight on their reunion shows on 70000tons of Metal, a new album and getting ready to bring their music back to the world.
It's Thursday. 70000tons of Metal has been plowing through the ocean for days and Metal Church have finished both their highly anticipated sets.