Brutal girls in a metal world - introducing columnist Sam McSatan

This column is for all the brutal girls out there, living in a metal world: existing with and between beer, blast-beats, and all things girly.

Hello. My name is Sam and I have a confession to make. I’m living a double life.


Yep: two names, two careers, two everything, just like a right-wing politician who preaches good ol’ fashioned values by day, but by night is a transvestite, drag-queen hooker by the name of Ivana Cockatoo. Next on Jerry Springer: Living Secret Lives!


Many of you know me as Sam McSatan, friendly local neighbourhood metal chick – sneaking into gigs by 15, running the state’s biggest metal festival by 19, touring with international bands by 20-something, now working for the awesome Kelli Wright Publicity with some of the biggest metal bands in the world – Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, and many other bands with meat-related names starting with ‘C’. “Metal chick”; that’s me.


But, there is another me. Samantha Doll. Yep, that model chick. All girly and stuff. Getting her photo taken. Strutting the catwalk. Wearing high heels and pretty clothes – sometimes clothes in *shock, horror* pink! How un-metal.


Thing is… I AM metal. I may be being paid to have my photo taken in a white bridal gown, but I’m also bringing along my own music to headbang to between takes, covering up my tatts, and trying to remember not to swear like a trooper so I don't shock the make-up artist.


And this is what life is like being a metal chick – a balance between the admittedly testosterone fuelled world of beer and blast-beats; and the girly concerns of how much cleavage to show, not getting your hair knotted while windmilling and why the band is, yet again, not selling bloody girly tees!


And that is precisely what this column will be all about: brutal girls living in the metal world. Kick-arse metal designers making cute girly fashions dripping with blood and skulls; inside gossip from shooting metal magazine covers and video clips; interviews with other awesome chicks keeping it metal while keeping it girly, and where in the hell you can find that damn girly band tee. Oh, and, guys – don’t worry, there’ll be enough pics of hot metal chicks to keep you entertained too.


All this brought to you by your friendly local neighbourhood Heavy Metal Super Model, Sam McSatan. Or Samantha Doll. Or whatever the hell my name is. Ok, yeah, maybe this column is just therapy for my split personality disorder, but one thing is for sure – this is Metal as Fuck for girls.


So to all the metal girls out there – shout out and let us know what you want to hear about! Do you have a brutal girly question you need answered? A tricky issue that needs to be brought to light? Or something so deathly, doomly, blackly and girly that we just MUST cover it? Let us know! Leave a comment here or IM me over the site, because girls, this column is for you!