“Everyone should be prepared for the insanity and havoc of mythological occult metal.” Absu’s Proscriptor McGovern is coming for you, Australia.

Following the success of this year's album Abzu, 'occult metallers' Absu are heading to Australia.

“We’re fucking ready!” affirms Absu mainman Proscriptor McGovern. Next month his band will pulverise Australian soil when they make their live debut in the country. For a band that has been going for over 20 years this seems like an awful long time. From some unearthly location Proscriptor was on hand for an interview, but he can’t wait to step out into the blinding sunshine of Oz: “First of all, I must declare we are utterly enthralled to be heading to Australia for the first time in Absu’s career. The reason why it has taken an excessive amount of time is because we have never been properly invited until several months ago.” Before adding, “…everyone should be prepared for the insanity and havoc of mythological occult metal.”

This is a warning. Not a warning for your health and safety but rather for your sanity, should you pass up such an opportunity to see a feast of metal in the flesh. Absu will be headlining the Australian Connexus Conjuration Tour; four dates of said occult metal. Joining Absu and making an unholy trinity of metal in the new year is Queensland outfit Portal and Tasmanians Ruins, two bands Proscriptor (Russ to his mum) thoroughly approves of. “We are very familiar with Portal and are looking forward to touring with them. Their music and choreography is aesthetically underworldly and I feel we share a lot in common – conceptually speaking. Ruins, on the other hand, are a band I was not familiar with until the tour was officially announced. I analysed their euphony and relished it fully.” (theses banda are joined by Erebus Enthroned and Encircling Sea in Sydney and Melbourne respectively - fact-hungry ed).

Anyone not familiar with Absu should take note of their most recent album. Abzu is the second part of a trilogy of albums (which already includes Absu and will be completed with Apsu) Absu had planned after a prolonged hiatus in 2003. A darker album than many previous releases, with lyrics that descend “deeper into Enki's lower world as well as Thelemic and Enochian Magic(k) Systems.” Longstanding Absu fans will not be disappointed but they shouldn’t expect an album too similar in musical style to the Absu back catalogue. “I can tell you this album is not a natural progression from previous releases, but a feat of metaphysical conquest and murkiness”, says Proscriptor. “Ever since the genesis of the band, the main objective has always been to not stimulate the same album on a musical basis. With Abzu, I can honestly say it musically does not compare to prior releases within our discography.” The reaction from all corners has been extremely positive. The album itself has garnered well-deserved rave reviews and the new material has been going down a storm.

Proscriptor is by far the longest-serving member of the current version of Absu. He has been pounding the drums since 1992 and in the 19-years since he has survived “through fourteen or so different line-up alterations.” Bassist/vocalist Ezezu joined in 2008 and guitarist Vis Crom just a year later. The changes in the band have been numerous, with only Proscriptor surviving, but he is quick to point out that he is not the root cause. “I don’t believe that has been an indication that I am enigmatical to work with; the musicianship and divination/magic(k)al pathways are somewhat difficult to obey if one is not properly trained or skilled.” That last point causing ex-band mates’ ears to spontaneously combust. Proscriptor clearly had more to vent on this subject when he added: “I will definitely say the low point was when Absu was on official hiatus from 2003 until early 2007. During that four year window, I honestly did not know if the band would continue or not; that’s what happens when I wait around for the original line-up to resume where it left off.”

A really nice touch to Abzu is the inclusion of ex-Mayhem guitarist Blasphemer who provided all the electrifying solos. “We were flattered because I strongly feel his executions are closest to Absu’s music – on an aesthetic and methodical level,” says Proscriptor. “Working with “Blasphemer” is tremendous, as I strongly think he is one of the best extreme metal axeslingers on the planet!” He is also going to feature on the next album, although it is yet to be written. “Thus far, two hymns have lyrically been composed and that is all for the time being.”

Proscriptor has been keeping Absu’s black metal flag flying. It clearly has not been an easy ride but one that is finally running a little smoother. “I would say the current sate of Absu is at an all-time high because I’m finally with a line-up that is thirsty for blood, ready to strike and has an immense hunger for power.” To ride out the storm there must be something that Proscriptor hangs on to? “What keeps me going with Absu? The three “M’s:” magic(k), mystery and malevolence.” Coming soon to a town near you, Australia.