'Most exciting event? Jamming with Sammy Hagar on his birthday!' - Vinnie Paul looks back on 2011

Everyone's favourite Cowboy from Hell has ahd a good year, and he wants to share a few memories of it with us!

Hello Vinnie, and thanks for joining Metal as Fuck's My 2011 segment! What have you been listening to in 2011? The best album you bought this year was?
Foo Fighters

And what about thebBest album you’ve heard this year but never got round to buying yet?
Mastodon - The Hunter

Worst Album you bought this year?

Lulu!! Need I say more?

Who were the best band you saw live in 2011?
Hellyeah... I saw them at least 40 times this year!!

Your most exciting event of the year? What got the juices flowing over the last twelve months?

Jamming With Sammy Hagar on October 13TH In Cabo for his birthday!!

I can see how that would have been quite exciting, yes... So to the other end of the scale - your most yawn-inducing event of 2011?
Everything Obama tries to do!!

What will you be drinking at Midnight on December 31 to see in 2012?
A White Tooth Grin which is Skyy Vodka, Water and 2 Limes!!  Hellyeah!! Drink up!!

Once you've slept the White Tooth Grins off, what does 2012 hold in store for you?

Lots of touring around the world with Hellyeah!! I love the new CD!! Its back to our roots and kicks fuckin' ass!! I can't wait for ya'll to hear it!!

And what is your Christmas message to the readers of Metal as Fuck?
Be happy you're alive and enjoy every minute you're here!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! See ya'll on tour next year!! HELLYEAH!!!!