Segression front man Chris Rand - What a delightful man.

Segression are back after a long, long hiatus. Chris Rand explains what's going on.

Segression have been away for six years but they're back, and the new album Never Dead hit stores on 22nd April.  The boys hit the road with their first gig tomorrow, 6th May.  I asked Chris Rand what happened? "Most of us were focussed on Side Effect X, and it gave me a chance to try a different style of singing but at the end of the day Segression gives us an opportunity to really let loose"  So is that the end of Side Effect X?  Chris reckons so."Now it's 100% Segression.  It's taken all this time to get where we are, with the sound we've always imagined - it's a starting point for us to go forward and build on.  It's all about moving forward and building on what we've got.  Just becuase you had the greatest sex of your life last night, it doesn't mean that you're never going to have sex again in case it doesn't meet your expectations"  A strange metaphor but quite appropriate.
Weirdly, when Chris was playing in Side Effect X, the fans wanted Segression but now the tables have turned and Chris says a lot more people are starting to appreciate Side Effect X - bloody typical; people always want what thay haven't got.

Enough of this sexy talk, how is the label Riot treating the band?  Without hesitation, Chris replies "Awesome.It's where we should have always been".  Chris is particularly close to John Howarth from the label, who introduced Chris to his wife, and has given Segression a hell of a lot of support. Chris says "John's been really great, there's not much he hasn't done for us and we can't begin to thank him enough - the fact he intorduced me to my wife is just one of the great things he's done"

The single Hero Anthem has received a lot of positive feedback; "Everything to do with the single and album has been really positive - it's funny though; we often get either 'Yes. we love you' or 'No, you're shit' but as long as the criticism is constructive then we take it on board"

The tour is a relatively small one, with roughly one gig per state but Segression plan to get back out on the road around July with more shows.  Chris is very enthusiastic. "The sort of shows we're doing are similar to what we were doing when we first started out - no big lights to hide behind, just us going for it"

Segression toured in 2010 with Fozzy and Chris reckons it was a great warm up for their upcoming tour. "It a great tour.  Fozzy are awesome guys and it was great to get the cobwebs off, have a blast and it was a lot of fun trying out the new songs; we're also huge fans of Stuck Mojo so it was an honour to play with them too"

Segression are mad for touring and the guys would love a crack at European and American shows, and they may take a shot at the overseas tours once they finish in Oz.  Chris thinks people are getting too hung up on genres and that everyone needs to just relax.

""It's ridiculous that one band won't play with another band becuase they don't think the styles match - I've been to gigs where you have a death metal opener and then some old school Iron Maiden style band, and then something else - it makes for an interesting night out.  People need to mix it up a bit more.  If you put on an entertaining show then fuck it - it doesn't matter what 'genre' you're put in"

As someone regularly drowning in the sea of different genres, I must agree.Get over it, you little titboxes; it's all good...

Chris has a sound perspective and is most humble at the fact that Segression get to do what they love.  "You know, some poeple have sick children and have to go to hospital every other day but we're lucky - we're playing in a band and fucking about with our could be a lot worse"  You can't argue with that.

Segression are already writing material for the next album and I ask Chris about his distinctive vocal style.  "I've always been a bassist and we often couldn't find a singer, the guys would be playing so loud that I couldn't be heard so I had to scream my tits off to get heard - that's my style"  Chris has also received vocal instruction form the guy who taught Patti La Belle (I hear some readers saying 'Who?') and Pavarotti.  He (Chris, not Pavarotti) adds "People always throw tags at you, and I'm happy with tags but it's really just a case of trying to fit a certain amount of words in a certain amount of space.  A lot of the time it comes down to timing.  People often say I'm a rap vocalist but it's a bit more than that"
I've heard Segression described as  a number of things; rap metal, nu metal etc etc so how does Chris describe their style?
"Just honest, humble, aggressive music - not this, not that".  Fair enough.

So what are Segression striving for?
"The more thought, the less feeling there is...there's a certain feeling when you're all playing together and it's all going well - better than well - it's going fucking great; we're trying to get that on a disc.  I'm not even sure if it's possible to get that [feeling] 100% but you've got to try."
Segression.  On tour.  Worth catching