Speaking to the Dead: Emmure

Frontman of New York's controversy kings Frankie Palmeri sit down with Metal as Fuck for a brief chat about their new record, Street Fighter and how to deal with pesky interview questions...

MAF: Thanks for taking the time out to talk to Metal as Fuck Frankie, firstly what was the creative process like for Speaker of the Dead?

FP: "Basically Jesse Ketive would go on the grind at home pumping out guitar riffs and then we would hang at my house and work on songs he wrote at home. It was a joint effort between the two of us that made Speaker Of The Dead." 

MAF: What influenced the decision to work with producer Joey Sturgis?

FP: "Dude knows how to make a bangin' record..and plus he’s a real ladies man."
MAF: How does the new album differ from your previous work?
FP: "It’s our heaviest material hands down. All our records combined couldn’t bring it like our new shit."
MAF: What does the title refer to?
FP: "It’s actually the Synchronicity of many different subjects. So it contains many significant messages. It’s a rabbit hole...and it’s up to the listener how deep they decide to go."
MAF: In five years you’ve released four full length records – is it ever a struggle to write new material?
FP: "Just the struggle to top ourselves creatively, we strive to create new feelings and vibes in our music. But over all writing music is not a struggle in itself."
MAF: Does the track Demons With Ryu actually have anything to do with Street Fighter at all?
FP: "Well..ya know..by the way this question reads..I would say you know nothing about street fighter as a whole. Your question shoulda been “Does this song have anything to do with Ryu at all?" ..and the answer is yes."
MAF: Emmure has copped criticism for a lack of a ‘metal’ image and hip-hop influences – what do you make of it?

FP: "Make of what? Criticism?.. This question sucks...Now…what do you make of that criticism?"
MAF: What caused the postponement of the Australian tour?
FP: "Honestly..it was completely out of our hands. Some shit went down with lack of preparation for the tour."
MAF: How on earth did the band end up being affiliated with Pro Wrestling legend Kurt Angle?
FP: "He was the model we used for the cover of our second Victory Records release, The Respect Issue. That got our music played on t.v for T.N.A wrestling and for the 30 second commercial spot for some T.N.A Pay Per View event."
MAF If you could create your own personal music festival, what six acts would you have play on it?
FP: "Die Antwoord, Limp Bizkit, Waka Flocka Flame, Man Factory, The Postal Service, HateBreed"
MAF: What are the band’s plans for 2011?
FP: "Stay on the grind and keep giving all our love and devotion to the people who support us and have continued to stick with us through the up's and downs. Keep the vibe alive for our friends and family and that’s it."
MAF: Thanks for your time, have you got any messages to your fans?