Our Last Enemy - With Synth & Tooth

Jobs come and go but music is forever....

Our Last Enemy are the dark horses of Australia’s heavy music scene.

A brutal live reputation for theatrically unpredictable shows has created a strong live following and an unparalleled local buzz. Our Last Enemy are known for crazed audience interactions and an intensity that results in band member injuries and crowd frenzies.

Truer words could not be spoken and like the Wolves of Perigord, Our Last Enemy are plaguing Australia with sharp marauding this autumn. A band so determined they will not stop until all of the east coast is mauled with synth and tooth. Skilled and equipped the band have begun scourging the east coast with their latest EP Wolves of Perigord. Singer Oliver Fogwell is a truly captivating chap, and easily one of the most enjoyable interviews I’ve had. Metal As Fuck could have yakked on all night with the Our Last Enemy vocalist, as we discussed EP’s, tours and our shared love affair with Wikipedia.

Following on from the Tearing Down The Empires Tour (2011) OLE embark on yet another trek to promote the latest EP in 2012. Machines! That’s all I have to say. “The tour kicked off in March, it’s going really well so far. A full headlining east coast tour. This tour in itself has a lot of meaning tied in with the EP Wolves of Perigord”.

Yes what is this fable you speak of? "An old folklore tale - The Wolves of Perigord were a pack of man-eating wolves that plagued the northwestern regions of Périgord, France back in the 1700’s. It was a story in which we found many parallels between us as musicians and the tenacity we have – much like the wolves terrorizing the region - the band, our music, destroying and pilfering as we move [laughs]. It’s a struggle to survive in the industry these days and survival comes natural to wolves much like us, we are survivalists and stop at nothing for progression, it's pure instinct” [laughs]. 

Oliver continues to explain that the EP is a follow on from the bands 2009 release Fallen Empires. “There was a lot of character in Fallen Empires and it wasn’t until we looked deeper into the music that we found it was in fact a concept album; we wanted to follow on with that. The new EP has a new flavour, the addition of two members created a new atmosphere, learning to write songs with new members, getting ideas across and bridging the gap for both releases”. So how is the dynamic of the band? “It’s working to our advantage definitely; Bizz [Bernius – guitars] and Craig [Byrnes – Keyboards/effects] have brought with them a lot of experience and a professional element into the mix. More thought is going into the music and more on pre-production. Granted it was a grueling process, the auditions, the not knowing. But it all worked out in the end. The EP was a good way to test the waters and get a feel for the new direction the band would take, once we’ve fully established the bands dynamic we can concentrate on creating a full length album”.

The Industrial genre of metal is one of my personal favorites; it is refreshing to see Australian bands taking to it. Where is the inspiration drawn from? “Where everyone takes it from, dark places we’ve all been in our minds, experiences we’ve had. Generally not happy feelings [laughs] once expressed we can step back and look at the bigger picture, and we become motivated to get through it, having fans relate to this is the nature of it all. Personally the pressures on a band are pretty crazy; it’s a testament to ourselves for sticking it out. I guess for me I was like just stick it out until I’m 30, but now it’s all I know, jobs come and go, but music is forever”.

With the 2012 east coast tour well on the move the wolves (er I mean the band) will deliver nothing short of phenomenal, promising more crazy antics “We have a tendency to get involved with our crowds, Brisbane saw us crowd surfing during the set” [laughs] and wrapping up the tour in my home away from home; Canberra at the Metal Fiesta? “We love coming to Canberra, we love playing in Canberra even more so than our home town, the people up there are crazy and really go off at our shows, I think the last time we were there I was marvelling at all the Our Last Enemy tattoos, it’s a good feeling”. Yes well you know you are on to something when you have your own Wikipedia page “We were blown away by this, very cool, I totally agree – it’s also where we found the story description of the Wolves of Perigord” [Laughs]

So if you find yourself gnawing on your own leg, showing signs of a blood hunger or merely chasing your cat around the backyard it’s time to channel your inner wolf and join forces with Our Last Enemy on their east coast Australian tour this autumn.