WIN! WIN! WIN! With Metal as Fuck and PATAC Records!

You lucky people! Get involved in MaF's best - and most random - comp ever!

It's not often you get the chance to hand out magnificent, once in a lifetime prizes, no matter how cool, hip an' happening your website is, but today is one such day... To elaborate, here's our good friend Dan from PATAC Records:

"I'm looking through my record collection, of course, when looking at covers... I can't help but admire the Anthrax Fistful of Metal cover.  It is the definition of badass, the dude getting punched in the face is getting totally destroyed.  I wish there were more drawings that amazing, if there were... shit, I'd give them a bunch of records.  So here's the deal, send me your drawings of someone you hate getting punched in the face.  Could be your boss, the neighbour next door that always lets their poodle shit in your lawn, Whitney Houston... anyone.  The greatest/most ridiculous drawing I receive will get a metric crap-load of free records from PATAC.  Good luck, let there be blood."

Here are the prizes:
Panzerbastard - Gods, Thugs & Madmen Reference Lacquer (there's only one in existence!)
Panzerbastard - GT&M 10" (regular version)
Revilers - S/T LP
Rampant Decay/Kruds split 7" on ltd. purple vinyl.
Fistula - Loser LP on ltd. clear vinyl
Rawhide - Branded For Life on ltd. blue vinyl
Resistant Culture - All One Struggle LP clear vinyl, gatefold w/ poster
Executioner - Hellbound 7".

With a prize so good up for grabs MaF's own Mick Strong is desperately trying to develop some drawing skills so he can get in amongst the prizes, we'll be leaving this competition open a longer than normal to give you time to get your entries in, Email your artwork here to us ( to go into a hat to win this spectacular PATAC grab bag, and do it by May 1st. The best entires will go up on PATAC's own facebook page, with the winner to be notified by mail on May 2nd - good luck!