My Dream Band: Greg Shaw from Truth Corroded

Mr Shaw has problems narrowing down his band members...

Welcome to the next installment of our enthralling My Dream Band Segment. We're joined today by Greg Shaw, the man who wields the four string motherfucker for South Australian thrashers Truth Corroded, TC have a new album coming out later this year, of which we'll be hearing more when the time is right, but for now we're chatting to Greg about his favourite band. So, Mr Shaw - without further ado, Who would be singing in this outfit? "Kyle Thomas from Exhorder, Chuck Billy from Testament, Beneath The Remains/Sepultura-era Max Cavalera or all of the above".

Okay. Not many bands come at you with a triple vocal assault. A unique selling point you've got right there! Now to the guitarists – two of them please. And would you have dual lead players, or a lead and a rhythm player or some other combination – and why? "Lead and rhythm. rhythm, Master of Puppets-era Hetfield or Among the Living-era Scott Ian, first Solstice-era Rob Barrett, Exhorder guitarists  Vinnie LaBella and Jay Ceravolo or all of the above. Lead - Alex Skolnick of Testament, Obituary-era James Murphy, Andreas Kisser or all of the above. All of these have influenced us in some way and created albums that made us decide to form a band. I think we're up to a nine piece now?" 

Er, it's eleven actually. So this band will only be playing the biggest available venues! Now to your instrument - Bassist(s) please! Tell us why your preferred four string exponent is so good "Me - because this is my dream band, right?"

Fair enough. One bassist against eight guitarists - we trust your rig is fully primed and ready to hold it's own!  Drummer(s) next – Or maybe you’d like a ‘Doktor Avalanche’ style drum machine? "Gene Hoglan".

Short and sweet. And you're the first correspondent to only select one drummer! Saves on that stage space. Talking of which, any other sidemen? A keyboard player for colour and textureperhaps? Maybe another guitarist?  "A limbless midget that finds other creative ways to thrash".

Christ on a bike. We didn't see that coming. Well thank you very much Greg - first prize to you for the biggest and mosr unique lineup so far!