As Silence Breaks' Sam Rilatt - "We want to make it memorable"

Metal as Fuck caught up with singer Sam Rilatt recently to see what 2013 is going to bring for the Sydney based melodic death metal outfit.

This particularl Sunday afternoon found me standing in an alleyway in Brisbane’s West End, chatting to Sam Rilatt of As Silence Breaks about life, music and working to make it in the metal industry. Originally founded in 2005 as a metalcore band, As Silence Breaks are making a conscious shift to a Scandinavian-tinged melodeath sound. "We've all got pretty broad palettes in terms of taste. Jazz, rock, metal. We're trying to go for honest, straight forward, melodic heavy metal. But we want to make it memorable," Rilatt explains after a brilliant set at Brisbane’s Bloodline Festival.


Recorded at Lambesis Studios, 2012 release The Architecture of Truth has opened up the international market for the boys from Sydney. "We're playing in Japan in June. We're doing six shows all up and down the East Coast with The Crown from Sweden and Gorod from France, so that will be pretty sick. There's also a band from Australia coming on the tour with us called Create Destroy,” Rilatt tells me. "After a long hard slog, things are starting to ramp up a bit.”


At the time, As Silence Breaks had just confirmed an October tour but Rilatt could not tell me who with. We can now divulge that they will be joining the European tour headlined by Nightrage (Greece/Sweden) with Mors Principium Est (Finland) and Bloodshot Dawn (UK). "For a European inspired metal band, it's almost imperative that we focus on Europe and the UK to succeed," Rilatt explained. “Then the plan is to head back to the US, do some festivals over there and some festivals in Europe next year."


Rilatt owns a record label and runs his own recording studio, “I’m a bit pedantic when it comes to being proactive with our planning, which annoys the shit out of the guys in my band sometimes, but it’s kind of necessary”. This means As Silence Breaks will hit the studio to begin laying down tracks for a new record in November, with a view to a January 2014 release. Rilatt divulges that they will be working with Daniel Castleman, “Daniel has become a good friend, and we said to him ‘Dude as soon as we come back from Europe come over and track at my studio and work with us again.’ He was stoked on the idea of a working holiday and coming to Australia for the first time.”


The Brisbane Bloodline Festival was the second show with As Silence Breaks for guitarist Andrew Lilley, and drummer Nathan Crofts. Along with this new lineup, the band will be releasing two new singles in April and have put together a four-track sampler ready for the June Japan tour. Rilatt hopes these releases will let fans hear the increasingly melodic direction for the band, and what the new lineup is bringing to the table.


Australian’s can catch At Silence Breaks at the Lord Digital Lies Album launch at The Wall (Bald Faced Stagg) in Sydney on Saturday May 4th, along with Darker Half, Kill Appeal and Skulldugory.