As They Burn: Let Them Eat Smoke

Every Opportunity Is A Gift, Don't Waste Your Time

Paris is burning; the city known for its charm and dazzle is now on its knees as hardcore rebels As They Burn pave the way for a less demure approach. As They Burn have indeed left others gasping on their smoke as they soar down triumph town, these steadfast Parisians are indeed the embodiment of determination and fortitude having been gobbled up by Victory Records and highlighted as being nothing short of pure, extreme metal perfection. As They Burn hold their one defining trait as passion. When Metal As Fuck caught up with vocalist Kevin Trevor recently we discussed this passion, the impending debut album Will Love Life, and the importance of grabbing each opportunity like a bull by the horns. 

How are the shows coming along playing the new material? “This is very exciting to play a new album on stage, seeing how the crowds react and how the band feels with the new material.  This album is way more atmospheric and melodic but also very powerful. We’re very happy to see the crowds have good reactions and embracing our new music”.

You've experoenced a multitude of new additions to your world with the latest album, notably the arrival of Bastien [Jacquesson] on keys, signing with Victory Records and the sophomore album Will, Love, Life what can you tell us about it? “Bastien is one of our best friends; he used to work with us since the beginning as our sound engineer. As times passed he became more and more involved in the band’s life, I mean into the writing process, big decisions, visual art and concepts.  When we had the opportunity to sign with Victory it was obvious for us, Bastien has to join the band. Signing with a label who believed in our potential was the next big step for us”.

All your music holds a strong message – what can be said about Will Love Life (apart from the obvious)? “This album is more about the band, the experiences we’ve shared has been a major inspiration for this album. We live for the music. Today, we released an album on one of the biggest rock/metal labels in the world and this is an accomplishment. We have the chance to promote our passion all around the world. What I want to say on this album is believe in yourself and your will, life is full of opportunities so don’t waste your time”.

Are you ones for leaving your comfort zone when it comes to writing new material? “I wish we could do it for the next album, it is really helpful to disconnect from everyday life, for the last album, we wrote it in our hometown, more precisely in our studio”. How do you like to challenge yourselves with the music? “When the time comes to write a new album, I love creating new concepts for my lyrics. The videos and the artwork - it is very interesting to see how your vision of your own art evolves. I try to push the limit as far as I can each time we’re getting into a creating process”.

The band has been described as both metalcore and deathcore – which style do you prefer to write to and why? We play “metal” with a lot of various influences and that’s it. It seems that people need to put a name on everything; I don’t think it is necessary. Metal is way over classified”. From previous interviews it seems the band were constantly ahead of yourselves in terms of writing material both for the EP and Aeons War – how far in advance do you like to be in terms of material? "We used to write when the mood was there; we are not used to having a schedule for our releases. Now things are a little bit different we know how many albums we have to release and we know relatively when they’re due, so it’s totally new.  We like to develop a concept to set the ambiance and then write songs. We consider those conditions and we’re good to go on a writing process”.

What does the band have in store in terms of promoting the latest album – what new regions are you hoping to tour? North and South America, Australia and Japan! I think it should be a good beginning. We just came back from one month of European tour, which was awesome but now we can’t wait to hit new continents, meet new crowds and give them energetic, powerful shows. And what are the four items you cannot live without on tour? “Books, headphones, cigarettes and weed”. [Laughs]

Certainly all bright eyed and bushy tailed, in a sense – what’s next for the band? “I think we’ve got plans to start writing new music, touring as much as we can, and enjoy our musician’s life as long as it’s happening!”.