Truth Corroded's Greg Shaw: "A VIP experience with us could result in psychological trauma"

Adelaide's Truth Corroded released a storming album, The Saviours Slain, in 2013, so we asked bassist Greg Shaw to fill us in on the rest of his year too...

Welcome Mr Shaw, and can I just say congratulations on a splendid new album! But I'm sure we'll hear more about that later! For now, how about the rest of 2013, musically? Good or bad? "In terms of music overall, it was a good year, but there has been better in recent times".

More specifically, what were some of the highlights, album-wise, for you? "Some great albums by Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hacride, Sepultura, Cult of Luna, Watain, Death Angel, Rivers of Nihil, Rome, DevilDriver and The Black Dahlia Murder. But an all up favourite is hard to pick actually."

Well we asked for highlights - there are definitely some there! What about the other end of the spectrum - anything stinking the place out for you in 2013? "Definitely Megadeth. I am not a fan, but when I heard a snippet of Supercollider after it was universally laughed at, I joined in.  Plus Mustaine = knob".

No Megadeth supports for Truth Corroded then in the near future... Moving into other areas, the vinyl resurgence has continued apace this year - can you see this upturn continuing, or is vinyl doomed to only ever be the reserve of completists and audiophiles in the future? "I wish vinyl never stopped being the chosen medium. I sold most of my vinyl, Slayer, Metallica, Exodus and all the greats, years back to buy drugs. Stupid me. It would be great to see it becoming stronger yet, but whether that will last remains to be seen, it may just trend or remain more niche.I Would love to release a vinyl version of our new album".

I'm sure there's many people out there who'd like a vinyl copy of it in their collection! Crowd funding has also become a big part of the 'new' music industry in 2013 - what's your take on it? "Crowd funding best serves bands with established profiles, but not so bands still working to develop an audience. The level of sourcing has sometimes been way beyond what is needed to record a great album, and I think listeners/followers are going to start questioning that. Accountability is important, particularly when it comes from a community such as the heavy music community that values integrity. Its been successful for some bands, and its been embarrassing for others. Of late, I have noticed that some successful bands or profile artists have been falling well short of funding projection, so it may have already lost some steam. There are still other means to source funding, such as grants, and I dont think a band like ourselves are at a stage where we could rely on crowd funding to generate the amount needed to record a solid album".

Could it be used profitably in other areas, such as funding touring et cetera? "As with my answer on the last question, it is something that has been hit or miss of late. Touring requires a lot of planning, so if a band fails to reach its projection, then that is a lot of time and effort lost and detrimental to momentum. But it remains to be seen whether it will be a foundation on how things are done in the future, or whether it will pass on".

And what about that other great new moneyspinner, the 'VIP Experience'? Does this appeal to you? Would you participate in such a thing? "A VIP experience with Truth Corroded would involve:

- drinking a lot of beer

- the VIP having to chip in to buy the beer

- once drunk, the VIP being taunted without mercy by the band as we spend a lot of time sledging ( all in the name of fun )

- the VIP being forced to buy more beer for the band on the promise that the band will stop taunting him or her

- after buying the beer the VIP discovering that the band lied and the taunts actually got worse when the band got even drunker from the beer the VIP bought.

- once really drunk, the VIP will no doubt see the Truth Corroded drummer Kieran's knob and balls. It's a horrible sight.

- the VIP suffering a horrible hangover, the psychological trauma of seeing Kierans genitals and questioning why she or he ever really liked the band. For your chance to have this unique VIP experience with Truth Corroded please contact MAF. Will cost you your sense of self worth and about a weeks income for beer".

Truly the most compelling argument we've heard yet foe the continuation of the VIP experience. We'll certainly pass on all applications and look forward to seeing the resulting meet ups on you tube! Now, back to the best ofs... who were the best live acts you saw this year> "In Australia Rome, Kyzer Soze, The Amenta and Thy Art Is Murder. But... We've just toured with Hypno5e from France. Definitely the best live band I have seen this year". 

That's enough about 2013. What does 2014 hold in prospect for you musically? "2014 will be a busy year for us. We plan on touring as much as possible overseas up until mid 2015,and then get back into recording another album. We're Looking to return to Europe, maybe the US and South America for the first time, and return to Japan, China and SE Asia which is always a crazy adventure. What you want to do and what you can do is two different things, and we can only do so much as we are also regular working class people who have other commitments, but the band is a priority for us all and we are always looking to get overseas and experience new advetures, make new friends and party with the people we know both here and abroad".

Sounds like a (mighty impressive) plan! Good luck with it all. Finally, a last message for our readers? "Order our new album The Saviours Slain through your local JB HIFI because the artwork may be considered too offensive to stock." 


Go to it!