Deprivation's Lachlan Harrison: "Every Time I've Seen Testament Live They Are Perfect"

WELCOME TO METAL THRASHING MAY! To kick off our month-long celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of thrash metal and it's rise to prominence in the metal world, Lachlan Harrison tells us all about his thrash highlights...

Welcome to Metal as Fuck's Metal Thrashing Mad! And an especial welcome to you, Mr Harrison, and thanks for kicking off proceedings! And so to the business in hand - thrash metal! We all know who the big 4 are – but do you agree with that selection? If not, who would your big 4 be, and why? "I almost agree, but as much as I do like Anthrax..I’d replace them with Testament. So my big 4 would be:  Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Testament.

What to you, is the quintessential sound of thrash? (And given your answer to my first question I think I can guess your answer). Does it come from the Bay Area, from Germany, or from somewhere else? "Definitely from the Bay Area man!! For me the sound of thrash is just a non-stop assault of pure beauty. Guitarists using their right hand to its full capacity every song, solos, double kick..the list goes on!"

5 Essential thrash albums – name them. "Megadeth's Rust in Peace, Master of Puppets by Metallica, Testament – The New Order, Reign in Blood by Slayer and Among the Living - Anthrax".

OK, that's some recorded work covererd, now who are the best live thrash outfit of all time in your opinion? "I want to say Megadeth, but for some reason I’m not a fan of their current line-up so…I’m going to go with Testament. Every time I’ve seen those guys live they are perfect and still look like they’re having a lot of fun up there

And what about the worst? Even though we're celebrating thrash we still have to call out acts suspected of stinking things up. "I love Metallica but…they are my pick only because their hearts aren’t in it anymore and you can tell through their live performances."

A fair enough summation I think. As a thrash musician yourself, what would you say are the key elements for writing a classic thrash tune? "Unrelenting guitars, double kicks, solos, screeching vocals, clever bass"

Which musicians would make up your dream thrash outfit from the last 30 years? Who would supply the clever bass? "Chuck Billy on Vox. (this man in my opinion has the biggest voice in metal period). James Hetfield – Rhythm Guitar (the 80’s version of Hetfield, when he was drinking a lot, aggressive and enjoying what he did…what a right hand too!). Lead guitar would be Marty Friedman. I always loved everything he did, especially his vibrato. Cliff Burton would be on Bass. Legendary. i loved how he wandered from what the guitar was doing! And the drummer would be Nick Menza. This man just loves playing drums, love how he bounces around on his kit - very entertaining!

Apretty solid lineup! My final question is this: what do you think is the biggest gift given to heavy metal by thrash? "I would say we have thrash metal to thank for metal still being around in all its forms - every genre, every band".