Vanishing Point: The Light Is No Longer Distant

"Coming into a new band you're always a bit iffy about fans reactions...."

James ‘Bushy’ Maier is the newest addition on guitar for Melbourne power metallers Vanishing Point and brings with him a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm and technical ability within his playing. Bushy joined Vanishing Point after a series of auditions and questions from the existing members of the band who took to his quiet manner, his quick skills in improvising and his willingness to create melodic music with ease. The band has recently signed with Rockstar Records & Touring and have kicked started their escapade trekking through New Zealand this month promoting their latest album Distant Is The Sun however Metal As Fuck were lucky enough to catch up with Bushy prior to their leap across the water...

The nation is at a buzz currently due to the release of the band’s latest album Distant Is The Sun, how did the process of creating the album all unfold? “It took a lot of time that’s for sure [Laughs] I’m only new in the band, just over two years in, I turned up about halfway through the album process and there were a few details we had to iron out, eventually we signed on with Rockstar Records (AFM Records to distribute internationally) so it all ultimately came together, two years later” [Laughs] With this ‘coming together’ which took the better part of twenty four months; what challenges did you face throughout the process? “Just as I was joining the band, members were going through some family loss and lineup changes; there were a lot of challenges for them so it was great to see the light at the end of the tunnel”.  

The band have seen the 90’s, 00’s and are still going strong, do you feel the band is now rock solid and can make a fresh start in 2014? “We’ve received great feedback on our current lineup from a few gigs so far, so that’s always encouraging. Coming into a new band you’re always a bit ‘iffy’ about where you stand; some of the older Vanishing Point fans have really embraced the new members and the new album. Some bands find it difficult to continue with vast changes, but right now we have a strong lineup and things are going well”. Are Vanishing Point looking at re-inventing yourselves or continuing on the no frills path the band has adopted over the past years “I can definitely see that the new approaches taken to producing and mastering has definitely polished the album as opposed to the bands more organic sound from previous albums, as for song writing, I think the core elements of Vanishing Point are still present on the new album, that’s what makes it so accessible to new and older fans” So what would you consider, overall, the most important element of Vanishing Point when writing the music? “Especially this time around, it’s definitely Chris [Porcianko]'s knack of knowing how to arrange and project the music. Chris is not one to write for writing’s sake so it is a little more progressive than previous albums. You can occasionally push and bend the envelope but in saying that you have to always maintain the original sound of the music so fans are not divided, keeping it all together, well that’s another challenge”. [Laughs] 

Vanishing Point are no strangers to touring, so what have you guys got in store to promote the album “Very shortly we’re off to New Zealand for a short headlining tour, introduce the new album and see what fans think of it, it’s taken off well in Australia and we are stoked so it’s exciting times ahead”.