Batpiss: Groove & Space

"We have accepted that we do now have a sound of our own and that we should play on it”.

The three basics of a Batpiss performance are beers, impulsiveness and playing fucking loud!! According to vocalist/bassist, Thomy Sloane. So digging around inside the mind of one of Melbourne’s most enigmatic punk outfits, we took the opportunity upon the release of the bands sophomore album Biomass to find out what makes new material exciting to the band.... The response we got was expected “Well when ya finally come up with some new songs and ya don’t have to play the old shit all the time is always a relieving feeling”

If Biomass was to reveal anything about the band, it reveals the darker sides to personal experiences recently shared between all members of Batpiss.... Thom describes “From family matters, addiction, self hatred and total love. Sonically the album is more directed away from the faster "punk" side of things and bellows a more guttural feeling towards groove and space”.

When discussing the challenges faced with Biomass’ formation; the most taxing was a combination of time. Be it a looming recording deadline or compiling all previously recorded sections of material “In all past recordings we’ve done, all the material was recorded completely live, regardless if it took one take or ten, we'd usually just lay it down but with some of these songs they were recorded in separate parts and proved to be quite frustrating at some stages but I think we got there in the end”.

What is the most challenging aspect of writing for the band in general? “I think we usually write really well with each other, normally myself or (guitarist) Paul (Portal) will come up with a riff or whatever and we'll bring it to rehearsal and thrash it out for a bit and let the jam sessions kick in and usually something will come out of it. We've also written plenty of horrible shit that never will see the light of day but that’s just how it goes; trial and error”.

No one wants to write the same album twice, this is an adage Batpiss live by stating that it is very important to keep a band evolving “I think with our first album Nuclear Winter we were still finding our sound as a whole unit with having songs that ranged from one minute punk songs to seven minutes of the one sludgy riff that delves more into stoner or doomy vibes”. Thom explains. Biomass still has the same vibe but in a more mature and thought out way, where we have accepted that we do now have a sound of our own and that we should play on it”.

In regards to the quality of recording, Batpiss have taken a new approach with Biomass. Nuclear Winter was a ten hour recording process, in a (described by Thom) ‘shitty pub’ “Biomass was recorded over five days at a mate’s studio. Our amps were in isolation booths and drums were in a separate room too so there's gonna be a huge difference to sound than recording live in the same room, like Nuclear Winter was. It’s a fun process to push yourselves as a team and when you get the final product you feel proud to know that hard work pays off.” He adds.

When heading into the live vs. recorded debate we discussed how Thom connects with an artist more “Some bands are great on record, some are great live, and some are great both live and on record. I can’t remember the amount of times I’ve listened to a song and thought they have tapped into my numbskull brain and say everything that was possibly on my mind and they probably wrote the song fifty fucking years ago and to never see it live can be a total positive thing. I've also had the same experience with seeing bands live that I’ve never even heard of and had total spiritual moments with. Either way I think the connection can come from either way”. 

What opportunities do you want to see come to fruition with Batpiss during 2015? “Well obviously we'd like to see the record getting listened to by fans and what not but also just to keep it real and still play with total passion” Thom affirms. “We've been knocked back by so many tainted promises over the last couple of years so we tend not to expect much at all and just keep doing what we love doing but when we get those good supports or play those loose as fuck shows they are totally overwhelming and we very privileged to experience them”.