Fifteen Albums that Shook the Twentieth Century: King Fowley

In which the Deceased/October 31 frontman reveals his thoughts on our list of lists...

Hello again King – it’s always a pleasure to have you stop by at Metal as Fuck and give us the benefit of your huge metal knowledge… You’ve had a look at our list – so let’s do a bit of dissecting – First up is Led Zeppelin’s IV. “Although it’s considered a masterpiece, for me its a good record but not that much of a masterpiece. Stairway to Heaven, though radio has overplayed it, is an epic track and for me the albums highlight”.

Yep, radio saturation is a real occupational hazard for us old folks! Now, what about Machine Head by Deep Purple? “A classic record. Lots of great heavy rock and for me this is when Deep Purple really found their groove. Ian Gillan and Ritchie Blackmore really shine on this one”.

I’ve always been more of an …In Rock man myself, although I can see why MH is considered to be the more important album. Anyways, enough from me. Album number 3: Black SabbathSabbath Bloody Sabbath. “An absolute stunner of a record. Sabbath really found a cool sound on this record that sadly they never really went for on other albums. The keys really make the songs have more depth. Looking for Today is a great, great song - as is all of it”.

Seems weird that Yes’s Rick Wakeman played some keyboards on that album! Moving on,  Van Halen’s eponymous debut record is next up for discussion. “Van Halen for me the greatest debut LP in the history of albums. Every song is fantastic and the energy levels of such a young band were incredible – this is a must own!”

You’re right, although I’m ashamed to say it was over twenty years old before I shelled out for my own copy of it! What about Motörhead’s Bomber? “Dirty, raunchy and powerful. This is when Motörhead really rocked to me!”

Me too! Although I suspect we’re in the minority as far as classic Motörhead is concerned. Staying wihin the era of the NWoBHM, what about British Steel by Judas Priest? “British Steel for me a little overrated. Cool stuff is here but I find it lacking the total killer instinct of other Priest albums of the era. Still a must own but a step down from, say, Stained Class’’.

Fair enough. Now here’s one that everyone we’ve talked to seems to agree about: Iron MaidenPowerslave. Thoughts? “Maiden were in a zone all their own at this time. This LP shows just how big their style and song writing had become. Aces High has to be one of the best lead off tacks on any metal LP!”

It absolutely is. And of course, as evinced on Live After Death, it’s one of the all time great set openers too! Getting deeper into the eighties now, let’s have a think about Metallica’s Ride the Lightning. “I’ve never been a Metallica fan. This album is so light and I’ve never understood why it got so highly praised. Its way too tender a record, and soft. Goofy is another word i'd use. In fact, I can't stand anything about Metallica”.

Blimey! Okay, maybe Slayer might be more to your liking if we’re talking thrash and the Big Four. What about South of Heaven? “Dull, slow and boring. Slayer for me is Show no Mercy, not this kinda stuff. I had long moved on from Slayer by the time this record came out”.

Sepultura’s Chaos AD is next. I must say I’ve got a bad feeling about this… “Dogshit! not a fan! lame music.”

How about some grunge then? Alice in ChainsDirt? “Bleckkkkkkkkkkk”

At the risk of incurring further wrath – and you understand I have to ask this, it’s on the list, I’m not trying to wind you up… KornLife is Peachy – You like? “Absolute Dogshit with a capital D”. 

I guessed as much. Here’s one our younger correspondents think very highly of: Machine Head’s ‘incendiary’ debut from 1994, Burn My Eyes. “More garbage. Boring as fuck, trite”.

From incendiary to trite in the space of two sentences! That must be some kind of record. Now, you love horror films, you must have a soft spot for the gothic in all it’s manifestations, so what about October Rust by Type O Negative? “I hated this stuff. To me it almost plays out like a mad TV sketch mocking goth-tinged music. The vocals are totally weak and stupid too”.

Oh well, worth a try I guess. So finally, King, please sum up your thoughts on DeftonesAround the Fur.  “Nope”.

Succinct, and fair. You can only push a man so far. Three thumbs up, a couple of almost theres and a lot of dreck – It’s probably fair to say that our list has failed to shake the world of King Fowley! But thanks for taking part!