An interview with Yann Ligner from Klone

They're on tour right now - go check them out!

Alt-rock, progressive rock or prog metal; it doesn’t matter how you describe French outfit Klone as long as you get down to their unique musical stylings – and you can do so this month (indeed, right now) as they get about the place on tour with Australia’s very own Voyager. While this email interview with Yann is slightly wooden - it's the nature of email interviews, innit - you can rest assured that Klone’s performances won’t be. Read on, dear reader, read on…

I kick off the interview by demonstrating my powerful school-boy French language skills: Bonjour! Interviews de messagerie sont très difficiles…

Where are you right now? “We are in the south of France tonight (*note* this is last week); we're playing close to Marseille. We play all this week until next Monday, and 3 days after it will be our first show in Australia (*note* their first gig was yesterday in Adelaide).

What are you doing/how’s the tour going? “This tour is very cool! There are always people at our shows - conditions are often good and we meet a lot of cool people. Each gig is different but it's still a very good experience.”

What’s been a highlight for you/the band on this tour? “Each place is totally different so it's difficult to answer this question but Paris was a very good show; Nantes too, with an amazing crowd. Also Rennes, in a small venue but crazy too! We've played in the Netherlands and it was also very fun.”

I ask about what the band are hoping for with their Australian tour and Yann says “First, we just want to arrive safety and in one piece! I don’t think any of us like to travel by plane.” As far as I’m aware, Klone have made it in one piece, and Yann continues “After that, we have to do our show in front of an unknown crowd. I think it will be an amazing experience for us! We're very excited to play in Australia, and I'm sure it will be a crazy tour!”

Klone will be touring with Voyager, are you a fan of their music? “I've just listened to two or three songs so far - they do a great job, even if it's not really the kind of music I’m used to listening to! But I'm keen to seem them live…”

And how does Klone behave on tour? “We try to be professional but fun at the same time! Each one of us knows exactly what to do to be ready for the stage - we always try to do our best.”

Your new album Here Comes The Sun has just been released; how would you say the band has evolved since the debut Duplicate came out 12 years ago? “Our evolution is natural, we follow our feelings and play what we want to do.  We don't want to do the same things that we’ve done before. Music is a field of experimentation so it's the place to take risks, and there's no danger!" What are your favourite tracks and are there any tracks that you particularly enjoy playing live? “I like singing each song from Here Comes The Sun but it depends on the mood of the day, how I slept, etc. Songs are different, and I don't want to make a hierarchy.”

How would you describe the band’s musical style? “Rock metal progressive or atmospheric - but it's not very important; music is stronger than words. Just listen and close your eyes and the music will speak for itself.”

What are the band’s influences? “Jazz, pop, rock, experimental, James Blake, Miles Davis, Bjork, Radiohead, Meshuggah, Zeus, Petrucciani, Django Reinhart…it doesn’t matter what style as long as the music is good!”

What are you listening to at the moment? “The noise of the engine on our bus!”

What’s the metal/alternative scene like in France? “There’re are a lot of very good bands in France. Go and check out Trepalium, Hypno5e, Hacride, Lizzard, 7 Weeks, Eryn None Dae..” OK – will do...

Is there an artist that you’d particularly like to collaborate with? “Of course! If I had the opportunity, it would be Mikael Akerfeldt, Steven Wilson, Bjork, King Crimson, Sting, and/or Morgan Agren.”

What are the band’s touring plans after Australia? Back to Europe? “Yes, we have some festivals this summer in France and Germany. We will touring again in France in September, and I think we’ll do a European tour at the start of 2016.” What are the band’s future plans in regard to Here Comes The Sun? More touring? Start work on the next album? “We want to play a lot more live shows with the new album, in different and new places. We would like to play more shows next year, and then afterwards we will think about producing a new album.”

And a final demonstration of my sweet multi-lingual skills…..Merci!