Whoretopsy: Australian Made

"Our primary concern with the music is making it noticeable and memorable"

All ours and distinctively Australian is Melbourne’s Whoretopsy..... Probably not your mum’s favourite band, however the lads are on a roll and have been on a roll since smashing into the scene in 2011 with their sick, brutal, often disgusting, hilarious death metal. Since then many have been choking in their dust.

Currently on a headlining tour around the country promoting the bands second full length release Never Tear Us Apart Metal As Fuck caught up with drummer, Jake Sproule mid tour.... “The tour is doing well so far, we have literally just landed in Adelaide for our show tonight; I’m wrecked this morning. [Laughs] Perth last night was insane, all the bands playing on the tour are fantastic. Every one attending the shows are really getting into the new material, in fact a lot have already picked up on the lyrics for some of the new songs which makes the set even better. We couldn’t be any happier really”.

Whoretopsy burst into the scene in 2011 with what the band describe as a unique spin on slamming death metal’ – so could you say; this early into the bands career of course that you’re achieving the original vision of the band? “I am a newer member to the band; I’ve been with the guys for just over a year now but I feel I am carrying the torch, the band are determined to get out there, extend our reach even further both nationally and internationally. This was always the vision for the band, to tour relentlessly and grab new fans along the way. We feel we are achieving this”. What was it about this genre in particular that made you guys want to head down this path? “It’s super heavy and super different. We had people last night telling us last night that we are one of the heaviest sounding bands in Australia right now, which is good to hear. We want to blow people away with our live shows, which is one of the biggest reasons why we do it”.

Slam, Death, Grind; whatever your title preference, is becoming more and more attractive to Australian metal fans – the style demands... well some pretty out there shit basically; in terms of themes; so how do you guys up the ante? “What we’re doing at the moment is introducing a lot of Australian aspects to the music and lyrics to give it that distinctive feel; that personalised feel to (Australian) fans and the one that has American fans frothing at the mouth. We’re continuously hard at practice trying to better ourselves on our instruments to make the next album more intense, heavier, and just more insane basically. Storma, our vocalist is pulling out these obscure sounds with his voice lately, so all that combined is really making Whoretopsy sound unique”. When you say you are brining in the Australian aspect, what do you mean? “Bringing in all that Aussie slang we’re known for, really putting on the accent in the vocals [Laughs] we get hit with a tonne of messages from American fans who are eating this up, they love the Aussie-ness” [Laughs]

Being the fourth release for the band, it would be getting easier to pin point, as to what goes into making a great album for Whoretopsy, so what does go into making a great album and what traits are you seeing more and more frequently with each release that are ultimately now surfacing as trademarks for the band? “With our past releases we aim to create material that really sticks out, that plays over and over in your head. We want something that is catchy, something that sticks with people and ultimately makes them want to see us live, again and again. It’s not so much the technicality that we focus on, I mean it’s definitely an important part of our music but our primary concern with the music is making it noticeable and memorable”. With these specific factors in mind, how do you all approach the song writing process? “Well, it’s fairly simple or straightforward really; we all work together on a song, to make sure it has everything it needs and have that rhythm that Whoretopsy is known for, the vocals always finish off a song but I wouldn’t say we have a process, we just get it, get it done and see what comes out”.

We know you guys are rounding up a national tour at the moment however what do you have your sights set on for the remainder of the year and also 2016? “We support Nile on their Australian tour in November, heading up and down the east coast so we are definitely looking forward to that one. That is pretty much Whoretopsy done for 2015, as for next year though we are trying to get over to New Zealand and Asia again – fingers crossed we jump onto Hammersonic 2016, regardless we’ll be getting in touring mode for sure to promote the new album throughout 2016”.

Whoretopsy wrap up their rampage across state borders over the next week bringing their latest album; Never Tear Us Apart to Australian audiences and finishing in home town Melbourne.....

25 September 2015 – Brisbane Hotel, Hobart

26 September 2015 – Club 54, Launceston

1 October 2015 – Next, Melbourne