In Solitude

Grave Pleasures (ex-Beastmilk) announce new drummer and ink deal with Sony Music

Uno Bruniusson of Sweden’s In Solitude joins Grave Pleasures, the band formerly known as Beastmilk.

The band have signed a record deal with Sony Music including Australia.

Watain with In Solitude - Nosturi, Helsinki, 21/01/14

Watain brought their occult ritual to Helsinki last January, joined by fellow Swedes In Solitude. We were there to try to catch some of the heady black metal in pictures.

'Seeing Repulsion Soundcheck Was a Treat For Sure!' My 2011 With Henrik Palme from In Solitude

Its been a busy year for the Satanically-minded Swedes... Here's a round up of what's been going on.

Hello there - nice of you to join us. 2011 has been an excellent year for music. What was the best album you bought this year?

In Solitude - The World The Flesh The Devil (Metal Blade/Riot)

Frustratingly familiar fayre from these identikit Swedes.
Release Date: 
24 May 2011 (All day)

I mean, it’s a good record and all, but really, does the world need another band that sounds exactly like Mercyful Fate?