Amon Amarth

The Black Dahlia Murder are coming down under

The bands total wall of sound has pits raging from the instant they take the stage until they leach every ounce of energy from the crowd and hand it back to them ten fold. Leaving fans decimated and euphoric at the same time.

Having dropped five genre-defining albums since forming in 2001 The Black Dahlia Murder have made it impossible to discuss melodic death metal without the mention of their name.

Amon Amarth: Two Vikings for the price of one

Metal as Fuck managed to drag Johan Hegg and Fredrik Andersson away from their mead long enough to have a chat.

As a part of the tidal wave of amazing bands swept onto our country thanks to Soundwave, the ferocious Norsemen that are Amon Amarth returned to pillage Australian shores once agai

Soundwave 2014 Melbourne

Another year another Soundwave Festival! despite having a bunch of bands pulling out of the festival for various reasons there was still chaos and fun for one and all with crunching guitars, roaring crowds, and some fantastic bands tearing Melbourne apart.

Nummirock Metal Festival 20-21-22 June 2013, Kauhajoki, Finland

Held yearly over three days of midnight sun during the Finnish midsummer, the Nummirock Metal festival summons pilgrims from all over the world to three days of music, camping and partying in the wilderness. With a Finnish-band heavy line-up, this festival delivers lasting memories and is well worth the trip if you find yourself in the Nordic region one summer.

Amon Amarth - Deceiver of the Gods (Metal Blade)

Release Date: 
25 Jun 2013 (All day)

They may deceive the gods but they cannot deceive the senses. Amon Amarth has reduced this reviewer to a head banging mess! This is metal!!

Amon Amarth: New Album Details, Tour Plans Unveiled.

The bearded Vikings are back, with the 'strongest album they've ever done'!

Melodic death metal heroes Amon Amarth are pleased to unveil the details of their ninth studio album.

Amon Amarth, The HiFi Bar, Brisbane, 13th April 2012

Returning to our shores on the back of the awesome 2011 album Surtur Rising, Sweden's viking metal gods Amon Amarth played to a packed house in Brisbane.

Amon Amarth, HiFi Bar, Sydney, 14/04/12.

Amon Amarth are one of the most epic bands around, in my opinion, and I was stoked to finally get a chance to see them live. On top of that, it was my birthday weekend, so this review will be somewhat tainted by the two litres of Lowenbrau I drank before the gig, but that seems somehow fitting. If only I could have imbibed it from a drinking horn rather than a beerstein.

Due to the aforementioned drinking, I missed the support bands. According to some reports from friends inside, I didn’t miss much, but I’ll reserve judgment.

Amon Amarth - With Oden on ‘Their’ Side

We can’t move away from the theme, not now, not even if we wanted to....

Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth @ Club Capitol (Perth), 24 Nov 2009

Perth: ransacked.

The tickets quite clearly said that doors opened at 7.30 pm, but with the support slot once occupied by Victorians Nothing now empty, the venue apparently decided to change that to