Iced Earth classic albums re-released on vinyl

If you've been looking to complete your Iced Earth collection now is your chance!

Century Media will release the first four studio albums by Iced Earth in this month.

Candlemass - Nosturi, Helsinki, 17/01/14

The crowd teamed with long-haired, patch-jacket-wearing metalheads in the mood for Metal. Formed thirty years ago, Candlemass filled out their set with crowd favourites, new tunes and some good quality Black Sabbath covers. Relatively new singer, Mats Levén stretched his vocal chords to well known tunes, almost as absorbed in the music as the crowd. Bassist and songwriter Leif Edling took the microphone for a song, as did local guest vocalist Mikko Kotamäki (Swallow the Sun, Kuolemanlaakso)

Candlemass: Release of "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus - Live at Roadburn 2011" as a Vinyl LP Confirmed!

Three sides of iconic metal, as it was meant to be heard... LIVE!

This week Svart Records announced June 14th as the international release date for Candlemass' vinyl-only Epicus Doomicus Metallicus - Live at Roadburn 2011

Candlemass - Psalms for the Dead (Napalm Records)

Trad doom of the highest calibre from the veteran Swedes...
Release Date: 
8 Jun 2012 (All day)

In an interesting reversal of the normal order of things, Candlemass have announced that this will be their final album.

Candlemass - Ashes To Ashes [CD] (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Do you want to hear some of the finest doom delivered from one of the master's of the genre? Well, look no further. Candlemass's latest release Ashes To Ashes just does that and then some.

You have got to hand it to a band like Candlemass. They are a band that, despite the ever-changing musical world, sticks to its guns and has delivered 20+ years of doom metal

Bloodstock Open Air- Day 2: Enemy of the Sun

Here it is. Day 2. Our correspondent speaks like a man who has seen wars and undergone great tragedy, when in actuality he's just spent another day in a field getting drunk and miserable. The pussy. Read on as Metal as Fuck gets its face blasted again, but this time the metal has nothing to do with it...

For some odd reason, I woke up at a ridiculously early time in the morning. It must have been about six, as there was no sign of life outside my little domed barricade.

Candlemass - Death Magic Doom (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Being lauded as one of the legends of doom metal in today's heavy metal world, Candlemass have always been consistent from release to release, sticking to a high standard that is somewhat expected from their underground cult fan base - and Death Magic Doom is no exception to that standard.

With the departure of their longtime vocalist, Messiah Marcolin, Candlemass decided to continue on with Rober