Crystalic release debut album for free

Finnish lads Crystalic have just released their second record, Persistence, which is available for free download now

The release of Crystalic's second album, Persistence, is, in the band's words: '[the] album is dedicated to all of our fans, who believe in this band and to all people who

In the Spotlight: Finnish melodic death metallers Crystalic

Crystalic is the first band in Europe to win a Metal as Fuck spotlight feature, having scooped the pool by a long way. Of course, these guys didn't dare to think that they would win; or that they had fans and supporters, not just at home but also abroad, sufficient to see them charging to the post.




Introducing the Finnish hordes

We would like to introduce Toni and Matti, our correspondents in Finland. These guys are from Korpiklaani, Falchion and Crystalic. Vitunmoisen kovaa Metallia? You bet!