Dark Funeral

Dark Funeral - Where Shadows Forever Reign (Century Media Records)

A diverse and captivating album...looking forward into the new dimensions of what Dark Funeral has to offer.
Release Date: 
3 Jun 2016 (All day)

Where Shadows Forever Reign is a diverse and captivating album, and is th

Vallenfyre to release exclusive tour 7"

The 7" is limited to 500 copies worldwide: 100 copies in red vinyl only available during the Decibel Magazine tour; 400 black copies available through www.cmdistro.com and select metal stores. The red version will be available starting March 27th at the tour's first show in Los Angeles; the release date for the black version is set for April 6th in Europe and April 7th in North America.

Vallenfyre will release a new 7" single, entitled The Last Of Our Kind, in time for the North American Decibel Magazine Tour with th

Dark Funeral: Reissue Plans Confirmed, Vocalist Search Commences.

Busy times for the ineffable kings...

After recently signing to Century Media Records for their upcoming studio album, Dark Funeral is now ready to present a series of stunning re-issues for their prev

Dark Funeral - Corner Hotel, Melbourne, 24/11/12

Infernal darkness and devastation delivered by the ferocity of Dark Funeral.
The Corner Hotel in Richmond often hosts metal bands, but Saturday night the trickle of black clad metalheads through the doors were garlanded with spikes, a few with corpsepaint, and most with s

Grave/Dark Funeral/Morbid Angel – The Complex, Salt Lake City, Utah 08/10/2012

A dervish of blasphemous metal sweeps through Salt Lake City.

It's the close of conference weekend; a time when this area's predominant religion holds its annual mass congregation and the city is descended upon

Lord Ahriman from Dark Funeral on All Manner of Goblinry...

"My soul will always belong to the dark side..."

“Here they come, the winged minions of the dark lord.

Dark Funeral farewell Caligula, and now B-Force..

Not long after the departure of frontman Emperor Magus Caligula, Dark Funeral's bassist, B-Force, has also announced he will depart from the band's lineup.

August 21 marked the last performance that Swedish black metal legends Dark Funeral played with their longtime frontman, Emperor Magus Caligula.

Emperor Magus Caligula to leave Dark Funeral

After 15 years, Swedish black metal outfit Dark Funeral are set to part ways amicably with vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula. The band also officially launches a call-out for a new vocalist.

Emperor Magus Caligula, longtime vocalist of Swedish black metal battalion Dark Funeral says of his leaving the band: