Overkill - Australian Tour 2010

Prepare your neck braces everyone, thrash metal legends Overkill are coming down under

As one of the most respected and consistent thrash metal bands around, Overkill are set to show all metal fans how its done with their 25th Anniversary World Tour, gearing up to sl

Killfest USA Tour, Apr - May 2010

Featuring Evile, Overkill, Vader, God Dethroned, Warbringer, Woe of Tyrants.
Tour Dates: 
01/04/2010 - 02/05/2010



Overkill - Ironbound (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

One of metal’s most prolific bands returns to spank our bottoms with a relentless thrash metal album. It’s certainly a lesson in (musical) violence that we should all heed.
Release Date: 
8 Feb 2010 (All day)

Lest they’re left behind by a thrash scene still enjoying its resurgence, Overkill crank open a fresh can of aural whoopass to teach the kids that no one does it better than

Thirty years and thrashing harder than ever: a chat with Overkill

With the rise of the new wave of thrash, which has taken the world by storm in the past two years or so, it becomes easy to forget that some of the earliest thrash bands are still going strong. Enter Overkill: old-school thrashers with a long history.