Portal hit the US this May

Portal will also arrive on American soil for the first time this May to pillage several cities on the east and west coasts in preparation for their appearance at this year's Maryland Death Fest.
Tour Dates: 
14/05/2010 - 29/05/2010


Portal U.S. Live Actions:


Chrome Leaf Records to release limited Portal picture disc

Chrome Leaf Records will unleash a limited edition picture disc 7" from Queensland's unfathomably intense, technical black/death metal assassins Portal this May 11th.

The Lovecraftian-based Lurker At The Threshold 7" bears two tracks; two of the three songs found on the original 2006 demo cassette release of the same name (the third track on the origina

Gallery: Portal, Ulcerate, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace @ Live at the Wall (Sydney), 6 Feb 2010

Portal play the most evil show from the very depths of hell and horror, with support from New Zealand's Ulcerate and Blue Mountains Beyond Terror Beyond Grace