Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes: "It's the beginning of the Satanic new world order" and it ain't pretty

Remember that kid getting scolded by his father for watching Megadeth when he wanted to see the News? Well, this IS the news, according to man of quick-silver wit and rivet head, Steve Hughes. Die-hard Metallica fans might want to grab a tissue for this one...

“I’ll grab me coffee and I’ll be there,” speaks comedian Steve Hughes softly down the phone from Brisbane after a spell in Adelaide, South Australia.

Steve Hughes - Still Mad, Still Metal, Still Funny

Got an issue? Sit down, let mystical heavy metal comedian Steve Hughes soothe your woes - for about three seconds. Your sides will hurt and your mind will too; I promise. He's back home and he's got a bone to pick with you...

Steve Hughes hails from parts unknown. Well, that isn’t entirely true. He holds no real fixed address.

Steve Hughes: Metal Comedy is Serious Business (well, not really)

He’s the metalhead comedian and he’s here to destroy everything you think you know about the world. The cool thing is he’s got Dio as his soundtrack. Who is he? He’s Steve Hughes: Conspiracy Realist.

Dressed simply in black pants and shirt, Steve Hughes doesn’t really look like an affront to the building he stands in.