Venom to perform entire new album on board 70000 Tons Of Metal!

Legendary metal band Venom have confirmed that they will join 70000 Tons Of Metal on it's voyage from Florida to Jamaica in January 2015.

Venom will play two sets on board, one will focus on greatest hits and one will be an exclusive live world premier of their forthcoming new album which will be released later in 20

Tank - Breath of the Pit (Southworld)

Bow down... the original Filth Hound is back!
Release Date: 
2 Jun 2013 - 11:30pm

Well I guess it had to happen.

MaF Merch store reactivating - First offer - Official TANK Shirts

That's right, MaF merch is proud to announce the release of a new Tank shirt, exclusive to our Australian readers

Metal as Fuck's merchandise wing, MaF Merch, is pleased to announce the confirmation of a deal with NWOBHM metal legends TANK to market the classic 'Tank Logo' design in Australia.

Tank - War Machine (Metal Mind)

To paraphrase someone very famous - they've been a long time coming but they're here at last...

Veteran British rockers Tank, as you&rsq