Uriah Heep

Battleground Records confirms vinyl run of new album from Southern Arizona stoner rock champs Powered Wig Machine

Additional tour and recording plans for PWM will be announced in the coming weeks, as the band begins to record their third LP.

Battleground Records has confirmed the label's impending ninth release, announcing the deluxe vinyl version of the gnarly Supa-Collider, the second full-length from fuzz/s

Uriah Heep - Live in Armenia (Frontiers/Riot)

Unpteenth live release from the Britrock veterans...
Release Date: 
22 Sep 2011 - 11:30pm

Whilst there is no doubt that Brit prog metallers Uriah Heep can still deliver the goods on the live front – they proved that here in Australia not so very long ago- it is de

Uriah Heep - Into the Wild (Frontiers)

The veteran Brit rockers return with a superb 'show the young 'uns how to do it' elpee.
Release Date: 
14 Apr 2011 - 11:30pm

Incredibly, London rockers Uriah Heep have been extant for forty two of your earth years.

Still 'Eavy, Very 'Umble: Uriah Heep

Mick Box is one of rock's true gentlemen. And he likes a chat. Which is lucky, 'cos his band, Uriah Heep, have got an Australian Tour to spruik...

The tyranny of distance.

Uriah Heep to return Down Under

After 25 years away from Australian soil, prog rockers Uriah Heep are set to return Down Under in 2011.

The unique, hard progressive sound that Uriah Heep creates has made them a mainstay of the rock circuit for four decades.