Until the light takes us - documentary about the rise of the norwegian black metal scene

I was in Gothenburg and it happened to be the annual film festival so I got dragged along by metal photographer Daniel Falk and some friends to see the new documentary "Until the light takes us". With that title I understand it had to be something worth my time...

This film turned out to be rather interesting since it did involve some, but far fram all, leading figures involved in the rise of the black metal scene in Norway. Old interviews were combined with more recent ones and people such as Fenriz, Varg Vikernes, Hellhammer and Frost appeared. The documentary had an odd feeling to it and some parts, including the one where Frost appears, felt rather surreal but mostly in a good way. It did give most people involved a chance to speak their mind and both Varg and Fenriz did give some insights to what things were about back then that felt new to me personally. I will not review this film, I am not a critic, but I think it is worth watching if you have any sort of interest in the black metal scene.

Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell who directed it did steer away from the most sensationalistic paths though I must say I feel that some scenes made very little sense to me (for instance the part with Frost that I think made him very little justice) and some of the old interviews where people make rather harsh remarks would have benefited by the person having a chance to speak up also today since they might have a bit different views these days. But spite that, well worth your time.

And of course... the title of the documentary is inspired by the Burzum album/tune "Hvis lyset tar oss". But you already figured that out didn't you? ;)

I have no idea about distribution but some info about the flick is available on IMDB.com, at this location (new window). There is also an official myspace-profile with a trailer and two short clips: www.myspace.com/blackmetalmovie (new window).