Destroyer 666 at The Civic Hotel Backroom (Perth), 8 Jan 2010

Australia’s most evil export destroys all in their path, including around 100 lucky punters

'It’s an honour and a pleasure to be back in Perth', says frontman K.K. Warslut (apparently also known to his close mates as Keith), close to the end of Deströyer 666’s set. 'I don’t care what the rest of Australia says about you, you got my vote'.

It’s hard to know how much he’s joking – he seems like a nice enough bloke but once the music starts he gets a distinctly crazed glint in the eyes: war slut indeed. The same can be said for co-conspirators Shrapnel (Ian) on guitars, Matt on bass, and Mersus on drums: all attired in alarming amounts of metal studded arm regalia.

Deströyer 666, probably Australia’s most evil export, had been destroying all in their path, blasting the Civic Hotel backroom with thrashy black metal that was really fast, unbelievably loud, and all in all just fucking full on.

They were playing to a crowd numbering around 100 – not even beginning to make the venue, rather reminiscent of a primary school tuck shop with its painted bricks and roller doors, seem full. But given the cavalcade of fuck-ups surrounding the gig, which was originally meant to feature Germany’s thrash legends Destruction and still had a ticket price representing a much larger event, it’s not surprising there was a small turnout. The official ticketing web site listed Destruction for weeks after it was known the Germans were not coming. And even on the day of the gig it was listed as being at the Civic Hotel – not in Perth, but in New South Wales.

Rise of the Predator started off the Deströyer 666 set, with A Breed Apart, The Last Revelation and Raped following in quick succession. I Am Not Deceived led into Genesis to Genocide’s huge unison riffs, and then Satan’s Hammer received a warm crowd response to say the least, as did I Am The Wargod. Sons of Perdition and Blood for Blood preceded Black City – Black Fire, and then the shout-along anthem Australian and Anti-Christ. The Eternal Glory of War finished off the set. The crowd then demanded an encore, and got Satanic Speed Metal as well as admonishment for keeping Mr Warslut and co from their well-deserved post-show drinks (at least, that’s how I’m interpreting the statement 'you cunts, I want to go get drunk').

Earlier in the evening, the night’s festivities had been kicked with a set by Mhorgl, a Perth black metal band who have quickly become far too good to be first on the bill yet again. Looking the part with an abundance of spikes and studs, and sounding the part with some great old school black metal songs, Sam Moretta, Robert Thorpe, Louis Rando and James Campbell entertained the small group of early punters. The sound was good if a little echoey in the large room – but you could say that just enhanced the hollow, lonely, and cold black metal sound.

Mhorgl are a band I like more and more each time I see them – in contrast to the next band, which I just can’t seem to get into no matter how many times I see them: locals Malignant Monster.

Playing tonight sans bass-player, inexplicably, Malignant Monster should be great – they play well, they have good songs, they sound great, and they get a good crowd response, on the whole. But frontman Cain’s over-the-top stage antics and habit of screaming at the crowd – we’re right here mate, we can hear you fine! – just leave me cold. I wish I could get that past that, but I can’t.

Regardless, the small number of punters who actually found the correct venue and paid the high ticket price got a real treat – now that they’re based in Europe, Deströyer 666’s home country is now quite literally the other end of the earth. So there should be time for our ears to stop bleeding before they come back – but I hope it’s not too long.