Anaal Nathrakh, Verdelet, Human Cull, Carcinoma The Hub/DBs Live, Plymouth, England 29/10/14

Plymouth gets a dose of midweek extremity...

The Hub/DBS Live is relatively new venue for metal gigs, standing in whilst the White Rabbit is relocated. It's more commonly the home to punk gigs and it's an excellent venue with great acoustics.

It well and truly got its baptism of fire tonight with an excellent line-up and a pretty decent size crowd for a Wednesday.

The evening opened with Carcinoma, a Plymouth quartet who only played their debut show in May. Their line-up included Steve Waldron, Dan Couch and Steve Dean formerly from Plymouth black n' thrash outfit Holodomor. They played a competent set and were rewarded, unusually for Plymouth, as an opening act, with a sizeable crowd to appreciate their efforts.

Next up were Exeter based grindcore/crust metallers Human Cull whose set included tracks from their newest album Stillborn Nation which is available in various formats from their bandcamp page. I thought this time their sound had slightly more of a death metal leaning than when I saw them play previously; another excellent performance.

UK black metal quartet Verdelet had the honour of being main support and certainly rose to the occasion with a set chosen from across their 2012 Return To Dust full length debut album and 2013 EP Lights Of The Old World. I have seen them live a few times and enjoyed their efforts but this time there was a big move forward in their sound, with an overall greater coherence, making a very positive impact on me and many of the others at the gig, judging by their reactions.

Demonstrating their usual musical ferocity and misanthropic wit, Anaal Nathrakh hit the stage and played a set from across their large catalogue of releases, opening with the intro Acheronta Movebimus from their newest album, Desideratum. As Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes from 2006s Eschaton opened the obligatory "Dave Hunt instigated pit" began. Along with actively encouraged stage diving, quite clearly he's a man never happier than when he is on stage and causing mayhem.

The set also consisted of Monstrum In Animo from Desideratum, the superb Forging Towards The Sunset from Vanitas and the title track from their 2009 release In The Constellation Of The Black Widow, then going all the way back to 2001's The Codex Necro with Submission Is For The Weak, The Lucifer Effect from Domine Non Es Dignus and everyone's favourite, Between The Shit And Piss We Are Born, also from Eschaton.

They also included in the set A Firm Foundation Of Unyielding Despair, again from their newest release Desideratum, a great track inspired by the famous quote from Bertrand Russell's essay A Freemans Worship and despite a later than planned start, due to Anaal getting unavoidably delayed, there was no curfew to cut their set short and despite a minor technical issue the band managed to fit in the final two tracks, Of Fire And Fucking Pigs from Vanitas and one more track from Domine..., The Oblivion Gene.

To sum up, Anaal Nathrakh played a superb set and were thoroughly entertaining, with Dave regularly amusing everyone with his dry humour, completing an overall superb evening.


Photo by Sam 'Hagrid' McDowall