Carcass, Rome, The Hi-Fi, Brisbane, 13/06/2014

Well, that was fucking awesome...
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The auguries are good; it's Friday the 13th, there's a full moon, the dark spirits are gathering around me - and I've torn all the muscles in my leg so I can't run about like a generally sophisticated madman about town. No matter. I'm off to see Carcass and local boys Rome so it's all bloody good.

I get a nice spot up with the Rome merch peeps (much obliged, Jo and Marty) and Rome hit the stage to a bit of a farty PA; it's all drums (not that I mind as Todd Hansen beats that kit like a monster, swinging his natty dreads like a man possessed). Given Rome are made up of former members of The Bezerker and Devolved, it's a pretty extreme hit of metal that I'm getting. Nice.The vocals are suitably gruff with numerous death growls thrown in. At times a spot of wub wub electro leads into the breaks and despite the slightly shitty sound, it's good stuff. Luckily mid-way through the set a tad more balance is restored and it's a lovely start to the evening, as I'm suitably crushed by it all. At one point they got all mellow and I almost expected some euro-techno. Fortunately it all dropped back into some more insanity (which was nice).

A backdrop of a Carcass test-card prepared the heaving crowd for what was next. A passing bloke mentioned how he'd been waiting 20 years for this. It was going to be sweet. The omens had spoken. A piercing scream and some massively raunchy (and viciously heavy) guitars and we're off with Buried Dreams. Tight and delicious. Bill Steer led the way, chatting amicably with the delighted crowd. The drums were like thunder and the howling guitars were magnificent. Incarnated had the punters eating out of Steer's hand. It was terrifyingly good. The simple white back-drop threw up twisted shadows as the band got about the stage like freaky shadow puppets. My Word! Carcass were so tight - far better than when I'd seen them some years previously. I was very, very happy (apart from the fact that my gimp leg meant I was unable to get in the pit and break my frail, old man body further). There were jokes about convict heritage, swearing and Bill's mum. Carnal Force was hallucinatingly tight despite the speed of its delivery and everyone knew every break and every pause. Perfect execution. The drumming was insane.

There were bags of classics; Granulating, Unfit and Captive Bolt Pistol all getting the crowd worked up into a frenzy. Spooky eyes started swirling on the back-drop. I was lost in a joyful haze of Carcass-driven delight. Then suddenly it was all over. Some chanting brought the band back on and everyone was, like me, joyful to the max, as another four tracks rounded out the encore. Weepingly good.