The Scorpions @ Palias Theatre, Melbourne 18/10/2016

Germany's sons celebrate their 50th anniversary with Melbourne at the Palais Theatre...

The Scorpions have been celebrating their 50th anniversary with a world tour of late, and their only Australian stop was in Melbourne. As destiny would have it, I've been hanging out in my home town for the past week. While waiting to meet up with a friend over a sneaky Sunday pint, I was mulling over a local gig guide which told me that the Scorpions were in town. Thanks to the powers of social media and relentless begging on my part, I was able to meet up with a lovely lady at Melbourne's Palais Theatre. The ticket was mine and just so happened to be one of the best seats in the house. I couldn't believe my luck! I handed over my hard earned cash and made some new friends who were so excited to see the Scorpions play on Aussie soil for the first time ever.

With no support act, the Scorpions came out swinging for about an hour and a half long set. They opened with "Going out with a Bang", from their latest album Return to Forever. The set had an excellent balance of new and old material, with coverage from albums like Animal Magentism, Fly to the Rainbow, In Trance, and Blackout. It really was a show that catered for every fan, young and old.

The band took us back to the 70's, where they played a bit of a mash up of "Top of the Bill", "Steamrock Fever",  "Speedy's Coming", and "Catch Your Train". This added a fun element to the show. Continuing on, we got treated to a more intimate moment where distortion pedals and double bass drums were swapped for a softer acoustic sound. The natural sound in the Palais really enhanced the moment as "Send me an Angel" was played into the night.

Vocalist Klaus Meine introduced the song I had been waiting for by sharing that wherever they played it, "this song always inspired hope." Enter, "Wind of Change". I was a kid when the wall came down, but I clearly remember the video for Wind of Change being played on Rage and Video Hits, and this for me personally this was a really special moment.

A few moments later, Meine then intoduced Mikkey Dee, who recently started playing with the Scorpions as their full time tour drummer. The band played their respects to Lemmy Kilmister, with a quick cover of Overkill. As a huge Motorhead fan seeing Mikkey playing again was as emotional as it gets for me. He launched into the beginning of Overkill, and the crowd went crazy as they watched the guys salute Motorhead and legendary Lemmy.

Following Overkill, Mikkey Dee got a moment in the spotlight with an epic drum solo! The set list continued with "Blackout", "No One Like You", and finished off with "Big City Lights"to wrap the night up. The bands encore included "Still Loving You", and the quintessential call of the Scorpions; "Rock you like a Hurricane". While the audience was mostly well behaved, there were a couple of pranksters who made their way on stage with the guys. One cheeky punter even sauntered on with one of Pawel Maciwoda's bass guitars, and pretended to start playing! Nobody on stage seemed to notice at first, but after a few moments a couple of roadies had him escorted off stage, and Pawel's bass was safely returned.

At the end of the show, Klaus brought up a young fan to wave goodbye to Melbourne as the show came to an end. The Scorpions gave their final bow and we thanked them through our applause and cheers for finally making it to Melbourne.