The state of Perth metal

Local dispatches from the extreme left hand side of Terra Australis - by Perth correspondent Kay, aka Goatlady.

Perth where?

A Candid Chat with Rich Ward

We hooked up with Rich Ward recently for a chat about Stuck Mojo and Fozzy... and ended up discussing politics, the history of Stuck Mojo, and new technologies. Rich was totally candid about Stuck Mojo - and his take on the internet, music criticism, and human behaviour is incredibly insightful.

Chimaira's Matt DeVries talks about The Infection

Recently Metal as Fuck caught up with MATT DEVRIES, guitarist in Chimaira, for a chat about the band and its upcoming release the Infection, their German ski trip, and their shift from Roadrunner to Nuclear Blast.


Our Last Enemy's Exclusive L.A. Studio Diary - Part 2

Part two of Our Last Enemy's studio diary continues the story of their recent Los Angeles adventure.

Day 12

Our Last Enemy - Exclusive L.A. Studio Diary, Part 1

Young Aussie act Our Last Enemy had an awesome year in 2008: not only were they signed to Riot!, but they also scored the opportunity to record their debut full-length album in Los Angeles, with Christian Olde-Wolbers - while staying at Christian's house. This is the first instalment of Our Last Enemy's studio diary - written exclusively for Metal as Fuck.


20 years and 11 albums in: Alex Webster talks to Metal as Fuck

Metal as Fuck recently chatted with Alex Webster about Cannibal Corpse's new release, Evisceration Plague. When we talked to him, he was on the band's tour bus in Amsterdam, where the band had, a few hours before, just played a show on Children of Bodom's tour. Unusually, the tour afforded Cannibal Corpse the opportunity of reaching a new audience.

At the time when I spoke with Webster about the album, the hallmark Corpse song Hammer Smashed Face was ranked by German Metal Hammer as being the greatest death metal song of all

Reawoken wrath of the Norsemen – welcome to the Scandinavian extreme metal scene

This is my first column ever for Metal as Fuck and my mission is to be your guide to things metal in Scandinavia. Trust me when I say this column, like all I write here, will be very personal and it will not be the complete guide to all things rock/metal in this region. This is a quite personal view but I will include links to other sources to help you dig deeper and find your version of the 'truth' as well.


Introducing Nepehente - our Scandinavian correspondent

Metal as Fuck has a stack of regular columnists, and we're going to introduce these guys to you one by one. For starters, we'd like you to meet Nephente: our Scandinavian correspondent. Nephente checks in with us every couple of months, writing about metal, metal culture, and all things from the North.


Brutal girls in a metal world - introducing columnist Sam McSatan

This column is for all the brutal girls out there, living in a metal world: existing with and between beer, blast-beats, and all things girly.

Death Angel hits Australia - and they are all fucking excited

To the delight of thrash fans across Australia, Death Angel's March 2009 tour was announced late in 2008, and we are seeing these guys on our shores this week. To talk about this tour, I had the opportunity to chat with band member Rob Cavestany.

Early in 2008 I had the opportunity to talk to Mark Osegueda about Death Angel's ki