Frost of Satyricon: Darkness and Light

Three years in the making, borne of the depths of the mind and the night, Deep Calleth Upon Deep promises to be a milestone release for Satyricon.

Few bands have been as formative and yet, as challenging to their genre as Norway’s Satyricon have been for black metal.

Mille Petrozza of Kreator: "This Is What We Live For"

"I think [Thrash Metal] is a vital and healthy scene still and the energy is still there - it is also still a very youthful style of music even though some of the bands are not as young still, we’re all still young at heart".

The complexities and contrasts of German Thrash, such a delectable genre of music that you either cut your teeth on or sharpen up over the years - German Thrash is a cemented movement in heavy meta

Brian Slagel: For The Sake of Heaviness - The History of Metal Blade Records

"I hope people read it and enjoy it; enjoy the history of Metal Blade and the history of metal as we have shared the same journey, we’ve grown up around it, been moulded by it, our paths have crossed many times..."

This is where it always begins, in a garage; a cluttered work space shared with your mums knitting basket; it starts with pure intentions, a love for heavy metal and a passion to see it thrive… It'

Wacken Open Air 2017: The Mud Diaries

It will be difficult to shake the memory of all 3 Metal As Fuck lads pissing in unison to the sounds of trumpets to signify the start of Europe's, The Final Countdown…

Everyone's descent to Wacken Open Air is d

Venom Inc's (Mr) Abaddon - He's A Reet Canny Gadgie

Wey Aye, Man...

It’s always polite to check how the interviewee would like to be addressed, so my first question to Venom Inc’s drummer is ‘Do you prefer to be called Abaddon,

Greg Mackintosh of Paradise Lost: Anti-religion, anti-materialism and Medusa

Paradise Lost challenge us to gaze unto to monster that is our present, and our future.

Pioneering British gothic-doom metal band Paradise Lost are set to rele

Ill Niño: A Revolução Pesada

"Now our culture is part of heavy metal culture".

The debut album for Ill Nino is celebrating 15 years, and so is the band - with a massive world tour celebrating this first imprint on the metal scene, Metal As Fuck caught up with

Max Cavalera: The Roots Run Deep

"It was a fearless record".

Roots…. Bloody Roots. If heavy metal were pepper, Roots is the salt.

Decapitated: The Connection

"I love that we are all inspiring one another; it is a really cool thing. Musicians are all connected – we’re all connected, from opposite sides of the world even - it’s just the power of music".

It is truly humbling at times to witness firsthand the modest, unassuming nature of an artist, an artist who is solely consumed with his art.

Metal As Fuck Hit Tons of Rock, Norway June 2017...

Nikki Hallam returned to her old stomping grounds for Tons of Rock 2017 and there is only one thing to ask... Elk burgers anyone?

As any good journey to a Norwegian festival starts, it began on a train full of metal heads speeding passed mountains and alongside sparkling fjords.