2011 releases

Whores: Debut Album to See Release

'Awe-inspiring Georgian heaviness' ahoy!

Atlanta noise merchants Whores is set to unleash its debut release, Ruiner, this winter via Brutal Panda Records.

Voodoo Six - Falling Knives EP (Own Label)

Top notch hard rock from the UK...
Release Date: 
25 Nov 2011 - 11:30pm

In the eighties and early nineties the Brit rock scene was littered with bands like Voodoo Six; bands that, despite being at the top of their trades seemingly had no chance of the

Voyager - The Meaning of I (Sensory Records)

The West Australian progsters take one step closer to World domination...
Release Date: 
10 Oct 2011 - 11:30pm

Voyager is a strange beast.

Vallenfyre - A Fragile King (Century Media)

The crushing sound of one man's grief...
Release Date: 
30 Oct 2011 - 11:30pm

Vallenfyre is, for want of a better word, a supergroup.

Root - Heritage of Satan (Agonia Records)

The Czech veterans may be mad as Geese, but they certainly know a thing or two about bringing the noise...
Release Date: 
24 Oct 2011 - 11:30pm

In these days of techno mastery, it is sometimes an absolute godsend – if that’s the right word to use when talking about a band like Root – to listen to a record

Svolk - Svolk 'Em All (Napalm)

Essential listening for the metal-loving Bear in your life...
Release Date: 
17 Nov 2011 - 11:30pm

As you no doubt know, Svolk are the worlds foremost standard bearers of True Norwegian Bear Metal (TNBM); It transpires that this is a niche area in the wider stoner troll

Voodoo Six: New EP Available Digitally This Month

'Falling Knives' set to drop on November 26th...

Voodoo Six is set to release its much-anticipated new EP entitled Falling Knives in digital format on November 28.

Iron Saviour - The Landing (AFM Records)

Solid, no-risk power metal from Hamburg...
Release Date: 
18 Nov 2011 (All day)

It’s hard to quantify just how good Iron Saviour is.

Serious Beak - Huxwhukw (Own Label)

It's seriously mental metal...
Release Date: 
26 Nov 2011 - 12:30am

Serious Beak could easily be named Serious Freak because this band is delightfully left of centre.