2015 festivals

Soundwave- Olympic Park,Sydney, 28/02/15- 1/03/15

A weekend of sun, sweat, storms and musical mayhem ensues as the Soundwave juggernaut roles through Sydney once again.

So here we are once again Soundwave.

Exodus: Something In The Water.... Or The Weed

"I joined the band on a Friday, the world found out on the Sunday and by Wednesday I was in the studio".

Whilst Australians were all preparing for umbrella drinks, Christmas hams and the annual blood bath at the mall Exodus wrapped up a string of shows on the west coast of the USA dur

The New Dead 6: Lineup Announced!

Big Just Got Bigger...

After last year’s massive event some asked if The New Dead Metalfest in Adelaide could get any bigger … We say hell yes! 

Fear Factory: Sustaining An Empire

"You're Metal As Fuck and I'm Busy As Fuck"

Not many bands come to mind that hold integrity, diligence and the utter fucking wow factor quite like Fear Factory.

Norway's Blastfest Makes First Round Of Announcements!

With a lineup like this, who needs warmth anyway...

Blastfest Makes First Round Of Announcements!